Thursday, April 27, 2017


The world I changing at an incredible rate of speed. People are changing their gender quicker than ever. Once you him as a little boy, now you know her as a big girl.

The other day TLW (The Little Woman) came home and started to discuss the people who come into the Wanna-Be-Bank and Truss Company who wish to change their personal account from Mr. to Ms.

The question raised was: How do you refer to them in their faces?  Nancy wants to be called Benjamin, and Benjamin wants to be referred to as Nancy! Oh, my, what to do???

This raised the dilemma of what to put on their account. I suggested that as long as they have the equipment that they were born with, is what you go by. This is until they do the change. You are born with a lady-part, you are a lady, you are born with a man part, you are a man.

But what about documents such as driver's licenses, how do we address that. Currently, there is a picture of you showing pretty much what you seem, my suggestion, although bazar, is instead of taking a picture of your face, you take a picture of: (you guessed it) your private parts. This will immediately clear up the confusion.

Please forgive me, it is a slow day.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


The other night I woke up with the usual arthritic pain in my left arm and decided to go into my office at the ungodly hour of 2:30 AM and sit for a while as the aspirin kicked in. I didn’t want to bother or wake up TLW (The Little Woman).

On my desk was a packet of papers that have to do with the past. In this manila envelope was some photos and letters, the letters addressed to me. The photos were of my mom, and the occasion was her 80th birthday party, held in an Italian restaurant called: Umberto’s.

As I perused the memory bank, I recall all the people I never met before who knew all about me, and by my looks, that I was Lena’s son. I made a speech in her honor, and realized it was a speech on her parenting techniques, the old-fashioned methods that included verbal sighs and well-armed disciplinary tools. (A wooden spoon)

Then further in the packet of papers was a letter my son sent me years ago and mementos from my work as a professional going way back to the beginning. What was happening was I was living my life again through those icons and symbols.

As I looked back, all the feelings I had about life came flooding back, the days on the trains and the days working, raising a family and loving it all. Funny how you can dismiss the pain and sorrow yet know it lies right under the surface. There is the pain of losing a child and the pain of mourning a daughter every day, a daughter who can’t communicate with me except to demonstrate her love.

I will take all those years, and I will embrace them, the simple life of the past and the wonderful future I realize as I look down the road, at the journey my children will take, and at some point, I will be left behind.

As I sit in my 70’s, I know it is coming to an end soon, my body is telling me that as is the conversations with my doctors. There is nothing I am worried about except that peace remain in this world of conflict, and that the safety and well-being of my children and grandchild be preserved and fashioned to grow better.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect life with the woman I married and the children she gave me. I am happy, I have already lived enough to be saying that I am happy.

In my collection of pictures there is one that stands out, taken at #1 Son’s wedding, after the reception in a bar, I say among all the young people that made friends at the place I once worked for and #1 Son came to first intern and then start his career. These are people I love to this day, and am grateful for their friendship with my son. All of that past led to my beautiful granddaughter; Darby Shea!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017



Visiting my heart doctor gives me palpitations! I don't suffer from palpitations, except when I see my heart doctor.

The doctor is a young, handsome young man, filled with energy and has a skinny body.

I hate him.

He is very up all the time and that annoys me too. He should be prescribing care, and not cheer.

I hate him.

Not really, he does do his job well, he has kept me alive.

Maybe you should hate him.

Going to his office is a chore, sit and wait, and this last visit was particularly upsetting. As I sat in the packed waiting room, I looked around me and realized: all the patients are old. I may not be the youngest lightbulb in the pack, either!

I hate that.

Have you ever watched a really old person make an appointment? They are offered dates that they can't make. Where the Hell is anyone going at 91-years of age??? After the appointment maker gives out a date, there is a long pause before they say they can't make it. Here I am behind them wondering if I'm going to make it if they don't hurry up.

Monday, April 24, 2017


Ready for the night shift to call about my Cpmpuuuter!
Those are the words heard most recently on my phone one evening. I get this kind of call by the same guy from probably Pakistan, telling me they detected a virus on my ‘Compuuuter”! I need to take care of this and they are the ones to help me do just that!

I am also told that it is a pc virus, so therefore lucky me, they can help me.

I own a Mac.

“Oh! How did a virus get into my computer?” I ask.

“Hew must have been to a website that is infected.” I am told.

I play along with the guy, pretending I am stupid and don’t know what I’m doing. (OK, I heard that!) Be nice!

I convince him and so he sends me along to his supervisor, I think the same guy.

He tells me to turn on computer and I say OK.

“Is it on, are you on your compuuuter?”

“Hang on, it takes a few moments to boot!” I am on the computer all along>

“OK, I’m on.”

“Good, now look at your keyboard on the lower left, do you see ‘Control’ and Windows Key?”

“Hmmm… Control and, Control and what?”

“Control and Windows Keys.”

“Uh, oh, yes I see them now!”

“Now, tap both keys and hold them down”

“OK, ummm… OK!”

“What do you see, what does the window say?”

“It says you are a lying son of a bitch who is trying to steal from me, and that you are a low-life and a good argument for abortion” and I hang up. I love it, can’t wait for the next call.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Years ago, when I commuted to the great metropolis, New York City, we as commuters tended to have certain things we did every day as part of our routine on the railroad, or is that ‘wailroad'?

You purchased your newspaper and waited on the same spot every morning for the train to arrive. Then you sat in the same seat, every day.

At night, if you regularly commuted home at the same time, the same routine was followed, thus making the commute more tolerable, less inhibiting and more familiar.

In the good old summertime on the Speonk and Montauk lines, all the city folk would attack the commuter trains, crowd, on and take up all the seats of the regular commuters. This caused a lot of resentment by the regulars.

Switch to Easter Sunday, or Palm Sunday or even Christmas Eve.

All year you have gone to Sunday Mass, sitting in the same pew and the same spot, arriving at the same time each week. Suddenly a major holiday like Easter comes, and your seat is gone, in fact, all the seats are gone, occupied by sunshine church goers. This makes you angry, or at least a little annoyed, I mean: "Where the Hell have you been all year long?"

Occupying the pews are mothers with little children who don't behave, husbands who are there reluctantly, probably who rather be home in bed or eating breakfast, and a mother who thought: We have to go to church today, it is Easter and this will ease my conscience until next Easter, and so they receive the most un-Christian look from the regular churchgoers. All in the name of religion. Amen.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


When I came into this world, the atomic bomb had not been dropped yet, the war was still being fought in the Pacific. As a 5-year old, I can remember the headlines that shook my parent’s heads, the Korean conflict, then the 1953 execution of the Ethel and Julius Rosenberg and then the detonation of a Russian Hydrogen bomb.

As I got older, the tensions in the Middle East began and so did the destabilization of Southeast Asia and the Vietnamese War. Civil rights protest and riots were common on the news and police and firemen were being shot at as they tried to restore civil order.

I lived through the assignation of a President, a civil-rights leader, and a presidential candidate, hijacking of planes both to Cuba and the Middle East, more middle-eastern wars and the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam. Women’s Lib movements and gay rights began the ascending of the American conscience, until the horrors of 9/11.

In all my years of reading and listening to the mass media, never have I witnessed the fear that runs rampant throughout our lives as I do now!

Recently there was a loud noise heard in Penn Station in NYC, causing panic and fear, people dropping their suitcases, attaché cases and whatever else they were holding and running out of the building, all in fear. Not a week later similar noises were heard in Lunar Park at Coney Island, causing more panic and widespread fear, once again people ran for their lives.

In both those instances no gunshots were fired, the just nervous edginess of American public sensibilities, we are living in fear! We no longer have the confidence of our forefathers, no longer live in peace, instead, we wait for the next gunshot.

Sandy Hook elementary school, Connecticut was a catalyst for the need to stop this madness, this shame on ourselves. Innocent children died, and the gun totters and lobbyist need to take responsibility as they should also do in Santa Barbara, (twice).

We seem to have covered everything lately, both international terrorism and home terrorism, both have equal prominence in our collective minds.

But there is one more factor to consider, this administration is now looking to repeal laws that make it mandatory to keep any weapons being carried in an unconcealed manner. This should help kill more of us, but make our so-called 2nd amendment rights stronger. God help us all!

Friday, April 21, 2017


It’s not like they say, the practice of Communism is nothing is distributed among the masses, without it first being picked clean by the leadership. Free speech is the freedom to say whatever you want about Communism being good, just don’t bad-mouth it or you will find yourself chopping ice in a gulag!

“To each according to his abilities to each according to his needs” the noble concept of Marx and Engels has been diluted by corruption, greed and the need for power, all anti-communistic attributes to those who practice Communism.

Communism is definitely on the wane, but an older, far more reaching theory is still strong as ever and causing more hardship, pain, and agony in this world: the world order of Christianity! The moral precepts and laws that govern western civilization are in fact not real in practice, and in need of an overhaul or maybe elimination.

We dress in morally good standing, we are above it all, we are Christians. No other faiths in the World are as valued as ours, yet we too, don’t practice what we preach. Instead, we think that if we do some work to help the local church, we are doing good, we are closer to God. I once had a relative decide for me I wasn’t Christian enough, that she had all the answers for what I needed. Her Christian outlook was colored by her self-righteousness and total lack of the concepts of Christianity.

You do know that Jews go to Heaven? Yes, they do, or that Hindu and Buddhists have equal rights in the eyes of God? Yup, sorry but they do. And you know how you fawn over blacks and gays, well they don’t need that, just your respect, fawning is not the keys to heaven, reaching out is.

I really don’t believe in religion, I think it is the cause of all the problems, wars and hurt in this world. Communism is just the tool of dictators hungry for power, it has nothing to do with “The people”.

I remember when I did do work for the church, heading a Fund-raising committee and a church newspaper, it seemed that all the members except for a few had very un-Christian attitudes. There was their standing in the eyes of the pastor, they needed to be patted on the head for being good Christians, given jobs and becoming their own dictatorship! Everything they did was guarded jealously, God forbid you intruded into their turf. If you joined the inner circle, you were made to feel unwanted, seems awfully un-Christian-like!

Comrade Father, pat my head, please.