Friday, December 15, 2017


It sometimes comes right before the holidays, sometimes on a holiday and is particularly unfair when it involves a child. I have experienced it during the holidays, and yet when it happens it sucks, the death of a child.

A friend of mine from my high school days many years ago, adopted a child because she and her husband couldn't have children. This child grew and prospered from her adoptive parents love. She was given everything she needed, simply put love.

Then about 14-years ago, she became ill. She suffered complications from high quadriplegia. No one seems to know why or how this happens, but it does. For over 13 years her husband was her primary caretaker, devoted as he was, he did all he could, yet in the end, it wasn't meant to be. Her parents, putting their lives on hold, traveling great distances and at great expense to visit their constantly hospitalized daughter as she courageously faced the inevitable.

It breaks my heart that not even an adopted child who gave them such joy and love, cannot bring this love evermore. Life can suck, but it did give my friend at least an outlet for their own love now and forever.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Recently I got another call from a Foreign accented thief looking to get into my computer and steal my information. This goes on every few days and every few days I take them for a ride and then give them Hell. I insult them, their parentage and look for no reaction, I just hangup.

Being how this is the season to be jolly, I decided to take on a new tactic, that means changing my game plan.

I get the call:
“Alo, I am calling you about your compuuter!”
“MY computer!”
“Yes, I’m callinggg from Microsoft windows and we have noticed activity on your computer and I will show you how to deal with it.”
“Oh, WOW! Activity on it!!!???”
“Yes, are you near your computer now?”
“I’m near it but it is not on.”
“Can you turn your computer on?”
“Sure, hold on.”

I put the phone down and wait about 10 minutes, all along I’m hearing stupid yelling in the phone:










I hang up.

He calls back after a few momnets!

“Yes, I think we had a bad connection, we lost you, I’m sorry for that. Haha, can I ask you to turn on the computer again?”

“Well, OK but that was annoying, I shut it down! Give me a moment to reboot.”

I put the phone down once again. I wait about another 6 to 8 minutes.

All I can hear on the other end is:











He's pissed off


I hang up.

Yup, you guessed it, he calls back again.

Now he is annoyed and tells me I am wasting his time when he is trying to help me rid the suspicious activity on my PC. I tell him that he should inform his mother to stay out of trees where the monkeys are, this way he would not have been calling me.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


As a young adman
As a retired former adman, I am having the time of my life! I am working on something that has grown into a passion, sealing my deep or innate need to write. Writing a book is in itself challenging, yet once you do one you need to do another.

I have one novel completed that I am looking to find time to search for a publisher and to write a synopsis for and a second book is being proofed read for the third time, almost ready to put into production. A third book has been done that was produced and published and so I hope this will take me to my grave, doing books, real live paper books!

The current book is about the personal experiences of a young boy growing up in Brooklyn, New York in a place called Red Hook, a place with a reputation of a turbulent neighborhood. It tells of personal relationships with friends and families, of the things that children played with in the late 1940's and early 50's. If you come from Brooklyn and lived there then, then you are going home again, visiting your parents, eating those dishes and playing with those toys.

Being a nostalgic individual myself, I gladly grabbed this endeavor because I know what it is all about, the friendship I made, the things I did and the people I knew, all of it something I always remember and always will.

It is called: A Place Called Brooklyn and hopefully will be published come this Spring.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


The ‘Holiday' dance was scheduled for 7:00 PM, and as Santa I was getting ready in the supply room, dressing in a red coat, pants, and accessories. It means donning a white beard and wig. The clock now read 6:56 PM, soon it would be show-time!

Dressing, everything was going very well, outside, the scores of participants, people with disabilities who still believe in Santa were arriving for the dance. The music from the DJ supported the idea that it was the holiday season. It flashed in my mind that if my hearing aid battery were to die now, it would be a major problem replacing it under the disguises I was wearing.

Having put all the costume on, the last item, the red hat with white trim was missing!

6:57 PM and what to do? I am isolated from everyone and can't leave the room at this point, too many people will see! I peek out the door and scan for some help, anyone who could relay my message to Michele, the staff person who is going to take pictures of 300 people and myself as Santa. Scanning, I fixate on a woman who is sitting at a nearby table for help. She does not see me, what am I going to do? I start waving at her, she is scanning the room but of course not seeing me.

"Pssst, Lady." Nothing.
"Pssssst, Lady!" Still nothing!
I start waving and she finally sees me. I summoned her to me with my hand, then my index finger pointing and recoiling over and over again. She looks puzzled and presses her hand on her chest: "Who me???" she goes.
"YES!" I continue gesturing to her and she finally comes closer.
"Could you do me a favor? Could you locate the woman in that room off the side and tell her Santa has no hat?"

I retreat and sure enough, it is 6:59 PM, the DJ will make his announcement at any moment, and the battery dies in my hearing aid! Now I have to worry that the hat lady is notified, while undoing my beard and wig, get the new battery from my clothes under the Santa suit and change the battery, and hope to God the DJ will not do anything to compromise who I am or what Santa really is.

Struggling with the beard and wig while pulling out my wallet to get a new battery, I make the change and get everything back in place, pants, jacket, beard, and wig, just when the door opens and in comes my hat!

"And now ladies and Gentleman, what you all have been waiting for, listen to that sound of bells ringing, it's SANTA!"

Suddenly the room goes quiet, everyone stares at Santa and all bedlam breaks loose! With dozens of participants looking to hug and shake hands, Santa passes the lady that relayed his message and Santa says to her:

"Thank you for helping Santa come out of the closet!"

Monday, December 11, 2017


Attorneys at Law

When it comes to supplements to my newspapers, I have everything from insurance, to undertakers and cemeteries, but the latest takes the cake. Lawyers!

Yes, those shifty-eyed bandits that populate Congress, political parties and courtrooms have now inserted as a group into my newspaper.

A slick (What else?) booklet about the size of a Pennysaver with full-color glossy pages, showcases the latest shysters as a gaggle or flock or perhaps what we should really call them: pack. Each firm has a lineup of teeth and ties that populate their particular office. Just imagine Jessie James, Al Capone and Murder Incorporated, advertising in a booklet, extolling their virtues, now imagine it is slightly lower and there you have it, Lawyers.

I remember when being a lawyer was something… to avoid. Now to make things easier, you just avoid lawyers!

There are countless jokes about lawyers, more than doctors I think.

Some of the sales pitch:
"We do only one thing: Litigate.  And we're good at it."
"Personal Injury, Medical Practice, Construction Accidents."
 I hear they even do Drive-By Shootings.
"Creative and Experienced Advocacy for Individuals"
 Creative ways to end up in jail!

As I peruse through the booklet, I notice that all the men were dark colored suits, with hands, crossed over at the waist. They look like they are ready to be placed in a casket with a wreath that says: "Bonne Voyage!"

Why would they do such a thing! Advertising for lawyers is like advertising for burglars. Both can clean you out and put you through unnecessary troubles. I must say that I am a little disappointed in that my law Firm is not even listed: WHEEL, CHEETUM & HOWE, LLP.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


During World War II during the early years in the Pacific, whenever a US Submarine launched a torpedo toward a Japanese ship, there was great fear that the torpedo would hit a target, mainly, the US submarine! Those early war year torpedoes were defective and costly in terms of lives.

I bring this up because it seems to me that there is a parallel between the torpedo (Present administration), the enemy and the submarine (the USA). The administration is launching policies and they are coming back to us, hurting and missing completely the target, but impacting our country.

We can make a case for the shifting of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. That move will incite riots against both Israel and the US. Many people will be maned and killed, there will be property destruction. Svengali

There is the Russian investigation, another blot on the Administration. Doing business as a President-elect is totally illegal and needs to be punished if you see the implications involved. To add insult to injury, we have political non-entities now doing business with son and son-in-law involvement both pre-and post-election. If you look in the background, you will see Trump financial considerations. He was warned by the Obama Administration about General Flynn, yet he went about appointing him anyway. Why? Was it a natural hate of Obama?

All his campaign promises appease the haters of immigrants, both Mexican and Muslim and those of any foreign origin. Walls that others will pay, bravado words pushing forward that appease a minority of ill-informed people that buy into the hate.

It is that very same minority that usually is anti-Semitic, anti-black and anti-Gay.

People will argue that the electoral system is at fault, but I think not. I think that the selection or nominating committees that drove Mr. Trump as the leading candidate are to blame. Embedded too deeply in our hearts and souls is this innate prejudice we harbor, and instead of allowing ourselves to grow and become accepting of others, we allow that hate to grow. An electoral college is really a tool that the majority doesn't over-rule and subjugate the minority by allowing sections of a country and minorities lag or fall behind in self-governance.

Trump has no idea about the office, the concept of "America First" so boldly proclaimed throughout his candidacy and no concept that he has to cancel his interest in order to move forward the interest of his country.

Trump is not qualified as President, that could have happened one way or another that he became President. The problem is it did. We can't blame people for voting for him, but we must blame people for continuous support of him.

Saturday, December 09, 2017


As I look back in my life, there was so much I took for granted that I never realized how much it was part of my life! There are traditions like eating a salad after the main course, pizza on a Friday night, steak on a Saturday night. There is pasta or macaroni on Sundays and with marriage, the corned beef and cabbage of TLW’s (The Little Woman’s) heritage.

When the boys lived at home they had to decorate the tree, and talk about each ornament they made, each picture of Santa that they sat for.

As a child, my family went to Grandmas for Easter and Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Those were the family holidays and they were great, seeing cousins and aunts and uncles I didn’t usually see.

So, there are times when I seek some comfort food, the food that I took for granted, foods that I had were so deeply rooted in me. And that food? Pasta Faggioli, the dinner of champions and hungry Italian Americans. Good for you because the taste seeps into your bloodstream while the pasta and beans coat your stomach, all feels grand and you are complete. It is one more borrowed day from Mom’s fabulous kitchen!