Friday, November 22, 2019


November 221963, is the day President John F. Kennedy shortly after noon was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas.
As his motorcade slide by the Dallas Book Depository, shots rang out in full view of the many curious and faithful admirers of the president and his beautiful wife, the First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Governor John Connelly was wounded in his wrist as he sat in the front seat of the Presidential limo.

It was the fall of 1963 and President John F. Kennedy and his political advisers were preparing for the next presidential campaign.

There was the press that said he was politically in trouble, his administration was not as successful as the party hoped and as a sitting president looking for a second term, things were not assured. As he and Jackie sat exposed in the back of the limo, rifle shots rang out that ended the presidency of President Kennedy and ushered in a new era of violence. Soon, Bobby Kennedy the President’s brother and the Attorney General was also assassinated as he campaigned for President on April 4th in 1964 at a hotel in Los Angeles after a campaign rally. To add anguish to the American republic, the sting continues when on April 4th, 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. was also assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.

Names such as Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, and James Earl Ray became well known almost house-hold names that Americans were forced to learn, they were the assassinates.

After viewing the US House of Representatives Impeachment Inquiry, I realize just how important the rule of law is, the peaceful transitions of administrations without violence or revolution is something as a nation we should hold dear and precious. The thing that makes America great is not promises but our Constitution as the law of the land, and we need to defend it. Protecting ourselves from both foreign and domestic enemies is essential.

We now have a US Senate that will need to face an inevitable result from the inquiry, will it run a trial based on truth and the rule of law? Will partisanship overcome the truth, or will the sworn oaths of the Senators took to protect and defend the Constitution prevail?

Thursday, November 21, 2019


Ambassador Gordon Soundland
Ambassador Gordon Sondland gave his testimony yesterday in the House Impeachment Inquiry. I don’t know much about the ambassador but I do know it takes guts to just sit ion those hearings under the lights and cross-examined by two hostile sides.

Regarding the inquiry, the words: we all need to convince us were spoken by Sondland, “Quid pro quo” the trigger that makes the statement, the President of the United States engaged in unsavory, illegal, behavior. ‘EVERYONE’ knew there was a quid pro quo, what else do we need? He then went on to name not only POTUS, VP Pence, White House gatekeeper Chief of Staff Mulvaney, Secretary of State Pompeo, and of course, Attorney General Barr along with Trump's private attorney Giuliani.

So, we have gone this far and I wonder what more there is to convince the highly partisan Republican Trump supporters. Can it be any plainer than where we are now, situated with the players, the documentation and admission of both the President and chief of staff in their own words? Does this not convince the American people who have already been told of the tales of the White House staff trying to reign in Trump's erratic responses?

The Republicans state that since Trump took office there has been this movement to remove the man from office. Why is that? Because early on he was dangerous, his relations with Russia’s Putin, North Korean strongman Kim Jung Un and other dictators, the Helsinki meeting between POTUS and Putin that went undocumented and to this day we know nothing about. The long parade of constant turnover in his cabinet, the Mueller Report that sent so many in his campaign to jail, the sleazy foul-mouthed and immoral consideration of women, all lead the majority of Americans, and it was a majority that voted against him only points out why. Collusion, obstruction, it is all self-evident for the last three years, and the obstructers of Justice, by the far the biggest culprits are: the Republican Party.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


I have been watching the Impeachment hearings conducted by the US House of Representatives and I am astounded by the amount of politics being displayed by the Republican Committee members. Legal staff and representatives on the committee demonstrate what seems to be the modus operandi-denial of the facts.

I could understand there being skepticism in some of the testimony, some hard questioning to get to the facts and even outrage by some of the charges. What I can’t come to grips with is the unwillingness to face the facts head-on asking questions that are meaningful and insightful.

We need to establish based on unbiased professional servants of the Republic the facts as they interpret them and their opinions. To simply look to dispute anything beforehand belies the fact that the Republicans are even interested in the truth.

There have been thousands and thousands of documentation and testimony, hours upon hours of sworn in real-time testimony to support the accusations, and yet the Republicans have ignored the facts as they refuse to ask questions that could help me and others determine if POTUS deserves to be put on trial. They make claims of wasted time and paper, they state it is all “Second-hand” accounts and that no one can say they were there. Yet the accounts by the recent testimony of two individuals who overheard the President discuss the Joe Biden affair he wished to orchestrate, in regard to crafting facts out of nothing and the board membership of former Vice President of the US Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, on the Board of Director’s of Burisma the oil company operating in Ukraine.

If you wish to disprove what seems to be fact as the Republican committee members should be doing, instead, they skirt the issue and fail miserably to convince even themselves of POTUS innocence.

According to the rules of both the US Senate and US House of Representatives, committee hearings may be held behind closed doors when or if they involve matters that could endanger the following: national security, harm an ongoing investigation, cause a deep invasion of an individual's privacy, and a variety of other situations along those lines. Yet all I hear is that the Republicans object to the initially closed-door hearings conducted by the Judiciary Committee for the inquest for an impeachment trial for POTUS. WHEN YOU GIVE THEM WHAT THEY ASKED FOR, THEY SCREAM EVEN LOUDER!

How much more are they willing to compromise their integrity, disavow their duty to protect and defend the Constitution from the flagrant disregard of our basis as a democracy and the model it is to the world?
Minority chair, David Nunez

Will Americans themselves wake up to the facts that are pounding our senses and screaming out for attention and rid themselves of the likes of Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Jim Jordan, and minority chair David Nunez?

Majority chair, Adam Schiff
Meanwhile, the Democrats under Rep. Adam Schiff, MAJORITY chair of the committee in this inquiry has conducted himself with class and self-control, leading and facilitating in spite of Republican attempts to lead it to a circus atmosphere.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Way back in the 1950s there were many newspapers that operated in NYC, of them was the NY Daily News, the NY Daily Mirror, and the NY Times.

Generally speaking, you followed your baseball team by who favored it in the sports reporting. Often I would hear people say: The NY News… oh that’s a Dodger paper, or the Times a Yankee paper, etc.

This morning as I perused through the sports pages of the NY News I noticed two lead stories with women reporters. I thought how strange the realization is, women reporting from inside the locker room, women with solid reporting credentials and meaningful opinions. The best thing is they are interesting and informative, way to go ladies.

In the old days you had guys like Dick Young, Marty Appel, and Red Smith as the deans of NYC sports reporting, they wrote books and interesting articles for magazines, they had real prejudices and opinions that people accepted as gospel. Today the landscape has changed. If you go back to the early days of big money football when there was this new awareness of the NFL and Sunday Night Football on TV, there was even a woman whose last named was George if I remember correctly for a short while.

Spending a lot of time in hospitals, medical centers and rehabilitation places, whenever someone says the doctor will come by and explain it to me and I envision a male doctor, about early sixties, with graying temples, a white coat, and a stethoscope hanging around his neck, instead, a young woman, usually from the western regions of Asia such as Pakistan or India appears. It doesn’t matter what the gender is; only the expertise, and they are most capable as doctors.

I guess what is happening is women are becoming part of the whole picture, moiré influential, and may start dominating the day-to-day events on a global scale.

Monday, November 18, 2019


The hearings continue this week in the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee under chairman Adam Shiff, and I keep wondering what it is like to be under this constant pressure by the press, Congress and the American Public and the constant new revelations must make for a difficult night’s sleep for POTUS.

It seems like not only American politics are at issue, so is the NFL with Colin Keapernick and the demands to get a contract by him and the alleged collusion that may or may not exist by the various owners of the NFL clubs. The locale for the tryout or audition and grounds to conduct them make every party culpable in one way or another.

Speaking of the NFL, that nasty incident of helmet smashing by Myles Garrett on the head of his opponent (reference in Steelers-Browns recent game) should be dealt with in severe punitive measured response. The sport is violent enough so it is not necessary or needed. It reminds me of the incident with the San Francisco Giant’s Juan Marichal and the Los Angeles Dodger’s Johnny Roseboro. Marichal clubbed Roseboro with his baseball bat causing 14 stitches, and although Marichal did nothing for his batting average and his reputation took a hit.

I noticed that Don Trump junior was interviewed by a fellow named Levine on Fox News and he compared himself to Hunter Biden and how each has attained their value. He questioned how Hunter Biden could possibly be on the Board of Directors of a Ukrainian oil company without speaking the language, having no experience and a number of other qualifiers needed. My question to him is what are he and Ivanka doing getting involved in government business with their qualifications? Reminds me of my cousin Louie, the family considered him brilliant and a future politician, he ran for 3rd-grade class president… three times!

Being present in a medical facility for the last two and a half years makes me appreciate the dedication of the staff and the fact that their color, place of birth, and religion really don’t matter, but their gentleness and loving concern for those in need does seem to matter greatly. Prejudice has worn itself out, old concepts manufactured and fueled by white bias has run its course. If you are dying and a doctor comes along and saves your life, you won’t reject that doctor based on color, place of origin or color. A good chance is that that doctor may not be white or from this country, and may speak with a heavy accent. The only thing you need to know then is: “THANK GOD!”

Sunday, November 17, 2019


Sometimes I like to share things with my readers, both of you. I have watched TV all my life and although my son is heavily involved in it, what I do watch is little and boring. I watch the MSNBC, FOX NEWS, and CNN highly partisan broadcasts that spew certain points of view and then sports.

When it comes to English programming, I watch and enjoy everything they seem to produce, they are masters. They should be credited with the invention of TV because they do TV so well and make it worthwhile.

Over the years I have followed Mr. Bean, starring Rowan Atkinson, Keeping Up Appearances with Patricia Routledge and other shows that truly amuse me. Lately, with a new TV system I have the joy to watch two new programs since I no longer have the well-played and produced Downton Abbey, a masterpiece, they are DCI Banks with Stephen Tompkinson and Poldark with Aidan Turner.

Television should be something that lightens our minds, feeds us mentally and rewards us for paying attention with great scripts, acting and art direction, not mindless flippancy and little worthy dialogue. It is one thing to wait for TV programming and another wanting it immediately. British TV makes you want and then holds you down like an elephant sitting on your chest so you won’t move because you are so engrossed in the production.

I would recommend both DCI and Poldark if you can find them.

Saturday, November 16, 2019


I try to get all points of view in politics. Being an independent voter, no party affiliations, I can very easily watch CNN, FOX NEWS, or MSNBC without feeling any disloyalty to anyone. All these stations are heavily biased and that is OK because all I get extreme points of view and can make up my mind.

I have been paying a lot of attention to FOX NEWS lately to see how they spin the news and the troubles of POTUS.
 Rather than “Fair and balanced” as they claim, FOX NEWS is handing me a fare that is unbalanced in favor of the defense of POTUS. The trouble I find is they don’t discuss the crimes and lies the so-called President makes, but rather the way the Democrats are running the hearings. FOX NEWS skirts, dances, and ignores the truths.

 I listen to the talking heads on most of these shows and I am appalled that they skirt the truths and instead play on semantics, silly comparisons that miss their marks and lose their way. Mike Wallace and Shepard Smith who see the truth and react to it and there are people like Bill O’Reilly and Tucker Carlson who are not relevant to the truth. One is on the shelf and the other is not relevant to the truth.

As I follow all this I am dismayed by the attitude of the Republicans who seem to rely on the ‘say-so’s’ of the network for what they think is their survival.