Saturday, March 24, 2007


Ashamedly I must confess to forgetting the birthday of a special lady. Her name is Jennifer, or Jen as she is known, and if she is so special, why did I forget?

She has a son named Nicholas, a very thoughtful young man, and very handsome, looking just like his Mom.

Jen is trying to make a life for herself and her son. She is working and going to college, and through the good graces of her parents, Theresa and John, is being helped to attain that goal. From what I hear and see, she is very talented, and will someday graduate from the New York Institute of Technology, and when she does, I hope she invites me to help her celebrate her triumph.

What impresses me about Jen is her goal in life is to be self-supported, self-motivation is her strong point, is what makes her so special, so that I could easily forget that she is around, because she is working so hard. “Out of sight, out of mind,” they say.

Jen always says “Hello” with a kiss and a smile, and a heart that will someday be gladdened by her perseverance and fortitude.

So tonight, I will lift my glass to toast my niece Jen, and then maybe a few more nieces and then some.

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