Tuesday, March 31, 2009


After the evening wedding of fine food and dancing, yours truly sat out Sunday, in my easy chair. Drifting between hunger and sleep, I wrestled every now and then with getting up to go to the can.

Fortunately, TLW (The Little Woman) felt the same way! Having very little sleep the night before, we were both so over-tired we didn’t sleep at all! But, the effort and the time we spent were worth it! We also fulfilled TLW’s sister Maureen’s life long dream of visiting a Smoothie store for a chocolate and banana Smoothie.

I read the newspapers, and the big item was the brand new ballparks for the Mets and Yankees. The cost of a single game ticket is about the same as a year’s tuition and travel with room and board to UCLA!

Today is a different story. Today starts ‘Let’s paint the hallway week!’ It is a solemn time, a deeply troubling week of sorrow and pain. I will be climbing ladders, in some cases as high as 16 feet into the upper story of the house from the stair well. With spackling, cleaning and scrapping, painting and cleaning the brushes and rollers, taping and laying down protective covering, it will take forever. Not to mention a second coat!

So until tomorrow, when I report that I broke my neck by falling off the ladder, 16 feet to my death, ciao!

Please remember my brother-in-law, John and all the people that need our prayers.

Monday, March 30, 2009


It had all the trimmings for a real wedding. The Church, St. James, a beautiful modern edifice, was matched to a beautiful modern bride with a handsome groom. The building, filling up early was in anticipation for a happy event. There were more than enough happy smiles to guarantee the event.

The bride is the daughter of TLW’s (The Little Woman’s) cousin Jan. Her name is Jenny, and she would fit the bill if I needed to do a photo session for a bridal magazine. Tall, slim and gorgeous, with her Mom’s smile and her Dad’s disposition, she lights up the room. I never saw so many people happy for the happy couple.

As the reception played out, the food like the rest of the day was great, and the band kept just about everyone up and dancing, crowding the dance floor. I think the joy was evident in the Groom and the wedding party.

Then a special dance began, one for the Bride and her Dad, and one with the Groom and his Mom. (Mom looked just beautiful for the event as the day was.)

I started thinking about what the dance symbolized in my mind, the final departure of a child from the nest. That sweet, sorrowful goodbye that can only be expressed in our hearts when we witness it. There is the happiness of the union, but the sadness knowing, nothing will ever be the same again! Dad is trusting another man to his child, the one he waited up for when she was late from a date. It is the same child that he hurried to the hospital for when she was born, and paced the nights away when she was ill. That little girl who may have fallen off her bike, scraping a knee, and his wiping her tear away, to assure her everything would be all right. The last dance, and he wishes it could last a little longer.

Nobody loves me like you do

Like a candle burnin' bright, love is flowing in your eyes
A flame to light our way that burns brighter every day
Now I have you
Nobody loves me like you do

Like a leaf upon the wind I could find no place to land
I dreamed the hours away, wondered every day
Do dreams come true?
Nobody loves me like you do

What if I never met you?
Where would I be right now?
Funny how life just falls in place somehow
You touched my heart in places
That I never even knew
Nobody loves me like you do

I was words without a tune
I was a song still unsung
A poem with no rhyme
Dancer out of time
But now there's you
Nobody loves me like you do

What if I never met you?
Where would I be right now?
Funny how life just falls in place somehow
You touched my heart in places
That I never even knew
Nobody loves me
Nobody loves me
Nobody loves me like you do-oo-oo-oo-oo
Nobody loves me like you do


Please remember my brother-in-law, John, and all those that need our prayers.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today we are going to a family members wedding. TLW (The Little Woman), has a cousin, Jan, who as children played together. Now, one of Jan’s children is getting married! Of course, that fact alone makes her cringe. Where the heck did all this time go?
Never mind that, will I have enough time to make myself beautiful for the wedding? These all day affairs take a lot of work! I bet the wedding is a lot of work too.

My mental anguish starts with: should I have gotten a haircut? This will nag me like a jealous wife, for the whole day. This morning, while TLW was reading her newspaper I asked: “Is my blue going to weddings shirt available?” This question is usually met with disdain, since all my shirts for dress are blue. Next of course is my suit. Which suit should I wear? I don’t wear a tux anymore, because the last time I did, I was left waiting tables. So, do I wear the blue pin-stripped suit that makes me look thinner, or the charcoal grey I was saving for my funeral?

MY GOD! I need a tie, also! Here is the problem: I have way too many ties, all left over from when I worked. It may make me nuts! Stripes, or patterns, floral or solid? DO THESE PEOPLE REALIZE WHAT THEY ARE PUTTING ME THROUGH?

Finally, there is the question of socks. I now have to go into a drawer I haven’t been in since an October wedding. I wear white socks since I retired, and don’t need colors. This is an early spring wedding. Do I wear wool or not. Being how I like to dance, wool protects the feet, insulates them. But I have a better selection in the summer wear department. What to do?

Maybe I should just go to sleep or feign a fever. No, then I will miss the cocktail hour and the dinner. Who knows, there may even be a Viennese hour. Not to mention the bar.

Maybe that is what I need right now, a consultation with a certain Mr. Jack Daniels, and his partners: Martini and Rossi.

Please remember my brother-in-law, John, and all those that need our prayers.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


It seems that everyday now, I pick up a newspaper or view a newscast and read about someone from my time that has passed on! Whitey Lockman, Johnny Blanchard, were both New York baseball players from the 50’s and 60’s. Both died within a few days of each other. They filled my summer afternoons and evenings with excitement, during the baseball seasons back then.

It seems that entertainers, news people and musicians are all going. Watching an old black and white movie, I see some of my heroes from yesteryear, people that I took for granted. It got me thinking about those days.

There is a great site called spaldeendreams.blogspot.com that brings me back to Brooklyn during my formative years. Written by an old Brooklynite who lived around the corner from me. Although we never met personally, we met through the Internet. He and I have a birthday, one day apart. We went to the same places in Brooklyn; I probably passed him a million times in the schoolyard and streets. The site stirs up the memories, reminds me where I came from and who I am.

I started to think about Dad. Dad was a hard worker. That’s all Dad knew, how to work hard and feed his kids. He didn’t finish high school, didn’t take us on vacations, just set an example for me; work hard. I look back now, and I see the hero, the mentor, the unrealized wealth I had before me. There were other heroes too, they were my friends father’s, and grandfathers. They had the same work ethic that Dad had. The funny thing is when he taught me to work hard, he taught me to have pride in myself, my job and never to complain.

I went to college, carrying 18 and as much as 21 credits a semester, and had a job, to pay for everything. After school and all summer long. Don’t cry about your situation; just do what is needed to finish the job. Why: because others judged you by your work ethic.

Another thing I remember was that not only men were heroes. Mom was doing a pretty good job of raising five brats. She did it with little money, a lot of love, and urgency to her quest to make her kids respected, and respectful. One thing I NEVER heard either parent use was the f-bomb. Never! Four sisters, not once have they ever used it in front of me. Today, go into any office, and some sweet young thing is using the word like it was perfectly normal to use. How did that happen? How did we allow ourselves to fall so low? Where is the respect for women that once was? Maybe I’m just a prude, but that word is ugly. Every time I hear it out of a woman’s mouth, I cringe, and I think a little less of her.

I very rarely hear the word in my family at all. Oh, I’ve used it, and every time I have, I get disgusted with myself, and picture my Mother or Father, looking at me with disdain or disappointment. TLW, (The Little Woman) has never used it. She is a hero to me. Women who refrain the gutter language, who are not quick to show they are street savvy, remains ladies. Those men and women who do not use the word in mixed company, by example become mentors, and heroes by their unintended example.

Sorry, I had to get this out on you.

Please remember my brother-in-law John and all those that need our prayers.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Just when you thought it was safe to read this blogue, another birthday! This time, we doff our chapeau to my oldest sister, Tessie. She tries to use a high-fluting name like Theresa, when we all know its Tessie.

Tess is the story of my life. When I was brought home from the hospital, my Mom placed me on the kitchen table, so she could change her shoes. While she stepped away, Tess stuck me in the pantry closet. When Mom returned, she scratched her head and asked Tess where the baby was. Tess said: “What baby?”

Being Mom’s favorite, she was often in charge. I would follow her to Our Lady of Lourdes School in Brooklyn, to mass on Sundays and often to places as far away as Pickin Avenue to shop for Dad’s store.

All kidding aside, she is still there for me, looks after me like we are still children. I don’t know what life would be without Tess. Although whenever I see her, I still step into the pantry closet, it is like those precious years we grew up together.

Tess took me to my first movie, with a quarter each, we would set off to the Colonial Theatre for a cartoon, newsreel and double feature, and with an extra dime, buy ourselves candy. She was like a little old lady, handling business transactions such as the weeks supply of meat, or grocery shopping at Spinner’s market on Broadway. I actually looked up to her, and in many ways, Tess was better than an older brother. She taught me to dance, while encouraging me to contact Dr. Kevorkian. She hated me because I had my own room, being the only boy in the house. One night I happened to be in my room looking out the window. Who should come home from a date but Tess. Something told me to hide under my bed, and sure enough, with the lights off she comes in, snooping! I jumped out from under the bed, letting out a blood curdling scream, which made her hit the ceiling, and scream so loud, my mother thought there was a intruder in the house.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was maybe three or four years of age, when we were hit by a huge snowstorm. After the city plowed the streets, the snow must have been piled about 3 to 4 feet on the curb and sidewalks. Tess got a big soupspoon, took me downstairs and helped me up on the pile of snow, where I dug while she played with her friends. I remember going to school on snowy days. We wore boots that were plain, going just at mid calf. Her boots red, mine black, we trudged off to school in the snow and slush, or rain.

It is actually hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that she is in her mid sixties! I still see her as that pig-tailed older sister that vacuumed away my toy army, or rearranged my face a few times, as we grew up.

Well Tess, or Theresa if you want,
You are not getting older, but wiser. You are as beautiful as you ever were, maybe more so. I Love you! As you can see, you only remind me of good times and I can’t help but remember them. Thanks!

Please remember my brother-in-law, John, and all those that need our prayers.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today is #1 Son’s birthday! He turns 36 today, which now makes him 3 years younger than me!

Growing up, Anthony (#1 Son), always worried about getting things right. He excelled in school, and he tried very hard in sports. A scrappy soccer player, avid basketball player and dedicated baseball player, who at the mere hint of spring, would take out his baseball mitt and wait for someone to come along to play catch. I have a movie of him, coming out in the grey dark days of winter, with a glove, ball and bat!

When he wasn’t occupied with his schoolwork, he was drawing up charts for the college basketball March Madness. On his wall: he would hang his chart, and could tell you who should win it all. He got his wish to go to UNC at Chapel Hill, where one of his favorites, Michael Jordan played.

Having a son like Anthony is a special challenge. He picks your brain, challenge you to defend your point of view, and often, when he doesn’t know something, he asks. I would hope someday that he has a son, just like him. I would want him to experience the joy of having a child like him, being able to put him on automatic pilot, and watch him fly. I wish I could take credit for him, but he did it all on his own, without my help. Maybe TLW (The Little Woman) can take some credit.

He is always thoughtful. He can select a present that has meaning, or relates to a special interest, or just makes you feel good. A simple phone call is all he really needs to make a birthday special.

Everyone I know of has spoken highly of him. When he had his internship at my office, suddenly I was “Anthony’s father.” I’d talk to art directors that worked with him, and they would say how well organized he was, how much of a pleasure it was to work with him.

I miss the kid, and hope that he is enjoying today, because it is special to his old man.

Love, Dad.

Please remember my brother-in-law John, and all those that need our prayers.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I recently got as slap on the wrist from one of my older sisters. She’s been trying for years to make people think I am older. It is rather sad and pathetic, but we all love her anyway. It seems I misspelled the word ‘Principal.’ Instead, I used ‘Principle’ to describe my baby sister's position in school! Let me tell you, I can’t spell, never have and never will. More importantly, I don’t care! That is why there is supposed to be “Spell-check” I retired, so I don’t need to worry about those things as much as I did. I can go from worse to worst to worster yet still! Unfortunately, when I write this blogue, I never write to impress, just to amuse and/or inform. I write quickly and try to do it first thing in the morning. I let it fly, so to speak.

Spelling is not my only flaw. I can’t tell you where I stand in relation to north or south, or east and west! My mind sets it somewhere in one direction, when it is in an opposite direction. I’m so bad that if I decide to go somewhere from someplace other than my home, as they say in Brooklyn: “forgeddaboutit!” I usually point in one direction, when I mean another! I do know the direction to the refrigerator.

I have a tendency, according to #1 Son, which I do not think is so, to add an ‘s’ to a name or take an ‘s’ off! I think he says that to try to make me think I lost my mind.

If that is not enough, I can mispronounce a word –‘just like dat. It is an old habit from my Brooklyn days. Every once in a while it slips in. I have tried to eliminate it over the years. I can truly say however, I never ‘mis-remember’.

So, I’m not perfect! I hope you can all forgive me, and I can move on to a nap.

Or is that knap? Like school, it’s the principle of the thing.

Please remember my brother-in-law John, and all those that need our prayers.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


She marched around the foyer, baton in hand. Actually, it was a piece of molding. As I stood at attention, she pointed with her baton to each section of the area, floor and walls, and questioned. If she was not satisfied with my answers, she questioned some more.

TLW (The Little Woman): “Did you measure here?”
Me: “Yes.”
TLW: “And here?”
Me: “Yes.”
TLW: “And, what about here?”
Me: “Yes.”
TLW: “Did you measure for the chair railing? Also?”
Me: “Yes.”

Tapping the palm of her hand with the baton, she drew her heels together and ordered me into the car. We were on our way to Lowe’s to make a few purchases.

TLW: “Now remember, I’ll do all the talking, you just push the wagon.”
Me: “Yes. You always do all the talking.”
Me: “Er… nothing.”

Arriving at the store, we marched in to the store to the tune of ‘It’s Spring Time for Hitler and Germany’. We arrive at the paint section and TLW orders a halt. Falling out, we exam all the rollers, and paint paraphernalia, and make decisions. Falling in, we continue our march up and down the ails to the molding section. Selecting molding is like checking out an old cue stick in a billiards parlor. You look for warping, or other defects, until you find one that is flawless. I made all the selections and…

TLW: “Ah, sehr gut, Mann!”
Me: “Vielen Dank, dass Sie, mein Führer!”

Together we walked out of the store, me and the purchases, and Mein Führer!

Getting back to the good old USofA, we relaxed.

TLW: “Now when you get a chance, when you get a chance, you could maybe start on the doors first, when you get a chance?”
Me: “Sure.”
TLW: (Sweetly, eyes blinking) “Think you could get a chance this week?”

Good news: MMB (My Man Bill) may be OK, just a pre-cautionary test on Monday, and maybe we can relax!

Please remember my brother-in-law, John and all those that need our prayers.

Monday, March 23, 2009


It was 50 years ago today, as I stood in the bathroom, a paintbrush in my hand. Suddenly the phone rang, and I awaited the news. The covenant of three sisters broke up their cauldron and flew to see who would answer the phone first.

“It’s a girl!” is all I heard. In disbelief I stood there, ready to swallow the paintbrush. Another sister! Good God! Pass the paint, I’m drinking it all!

Me: “Give me the phone.”
Sis #1: “Sure, ha-ha!”
Me: “Dad! Are you kidding me? Is it true? Another one?”

And so, I was mad at Dad, and didn’t even want to speak to Mom! Four sisters on my hands, and I knew they would plague my existence for the rest of my formative years. They took my shoelaces and belt away, and I was under 24-hour watch. I requested it.

It actually was hell for the first few months. They took away my room, and I had to share it with the baby. The baby didn’t sleep much. Neither did I. The baby cried a lot, so did I. Who do you think got up at night to feed this kid, since he was conveniently near the crib anyway?

She grew up to be a lovely lady. Spoiled, and often I would mutter to myself: “Lovely, just $*&^#@@&^$%# lovely!”

But then she had two beautiful children, and met a wonderful guy named Don. She made me proud of her, as you can see from the picture. An assistant principle! Like my other sisters, she is beautiful, smart and charming. Don’t tell them I said that.

You are officially an old fart. 50 years old! Where did the time fly?
Read last year’s blogue: Monday, March 24, 2008.

Please remember my brother-in-law, John and MMB (My Man Bill, who was actually working outside yesterday!) and all those that need our prayers.

Sunday, March 22, 2009



Recently I volunteered my creative services to an organization that helps people like my daughter Ellen. I did because I wanted to, and besides, it will keep my hand in things I use to be good at.

In one of my programs, I have been unable to make it do a certain thing that plagued me forever. In working with this agency (Community Residences, Inc.), I needed to send them something in a certain format. The format would not work for me, and it frustrated me.

I took the bull by the horns and decided to do some research, that I really dug into. Then it hit me! And I struck gold! I got what I was looking to do for three years!

Maybe I will not get to heaven, but I felt like it yesterday. Helping people without reward is reward in itself. I was rewarded with the solving of a problem that was plaguing me, and I was too busy to try to figure out! Then, boom!

Years ago, when I was applying to colleges, I considered becoming an engineer. I sent away for a catalog from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. On the cover of the book was the letters MSOE. I have a tendency to build mental blocks on some things. (Yes, I am a blockhead) and for weeks, MSOE made no sense to me. Then in a dream, I figured it out! I even heard myself say it, as I read the cover letters. In a dream, no less!

I guess doing something for others does and is reward.

Today she is going on 21, once again!

Please remember my Brother-in-law, John and MMB (My Man Bill) and all those that need our prayers.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


TLW (The Little Woman) has an uncanny knack for analyzing things and putting the proper spin on them. For instance: she will say she was thinking about something or other, and; “Came to a conclusion”. I on the other hand never gave it a thought!

A vast mental file of events, personalities and conclusions reside in her head, in which she draws from, starting a conversation. I know when it comes to me, she will stare out into space as she announces her conclusion! Picking a topic, usually recent in events, she lays a bombshell on me and I think: “Yes, that does make sense.”

Sometimes, when we ‘discuss’ an event, she will draw from her mental files something I said 25 years ago! It is then that I circle the wagons.

This is making me nervous, and I am wondering when she will start to stare into space, say she had a thought, and announce to me; “Why was it again, you said I should marry you?” There may be other questions, which may pop up. If they start with “You promised,” I will have to pack up and leave.

I think I may be on the short end of fulfillment of promises, ones that I made indiscriminately in my youth. Oh, like riches, fame and “I’ll get better looking with age, I promise!”

This morning she made one of her observations, where she analyzed a fact and concluded; which impressed me. I mentioned that she should have gone to work for the U.S. State Department years ago. If she did, the Berlin wall and the fall of communism would have occurred in the 1970’s!

Please remember my brother-in-law John and MMB (My Man Bill) and all those that need our prayers.

Friday, March 20, 2009


It was 37 years ago, the day was a Tuesday, and I sat in a cab for the longest cab ride of my life. Although there were many tears between then and now, it was all worth it!

The cab ride was from the Bay Shore Railroad train station to Southside Hospital, as I tried to get to the hospital from my job in NYC. No, I wasn’t going to emergency, but to the maternity ward to welcome my first-born child, Ellen Mary Del Broccolo.

She was beautiful. Prettier than ANY of MY baby pictures! That says a lot!

She was a bundle of pink and fussy as all get out. But she was beautiful. She still is. She has beautiful black hair, a smile that lights up the darkest night, and a love with no boundaries or pre-requisites.

She started me on the road of Fatherhood, although I wish she had a better father. The road has been tough, but we walk it together, step-by-step. Sometimes I stumble, and she can lift me up, sometimes she stumbles, and I try to lift her up.

Ellen is the fabric of my life now. She is the meaning of TLW (The Little Woman) and my life. We devoted our lives to her, and will continue to do so.

If you don’t have a child like Ellen, then God bless you. If you do, may God help you for the rest of your life.

Please remember my brother-in-law, John, and MMB (My Man Bill, and all those that need our prayers.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


When it was all said and done, from the cliffs of Doneen to the town of Kilkee, a fine day was had by all! With pork chops in ale, smothered in onions, to Irish potato pancakes, abiding under a drizzle of green horseradish sauce.

As me and my bonnie lass, lifted an ale by the glass, we saluted the Emerald Isle, and all that came from it.

And when all had been done and said, Saint Anthony, (the patron Saint of Italy), one Helen Gurry’s favorite saints, came through once more, helping me find a good Irish recipe for TLW (The Little Woman) to enjoy on St. Paddy’s day.


Come all ye maidens young and fair
And you that are blooming in your prime
Always beware and keep your garden fair
Let no man steal away your thyme

Chorus: For thyme it is a precious thing
And thyme brings all things to my mind
Thyme with all its flavours, along with all its joys
Thyme, brings all things to my mind

Once I and a bunch of thyme
I thought it never would decay
Then came a lusty sailor
Who chanced to pass my way
And stole my bunch of thyme away

The sailor gave to me a rose
A rose that never would decay
He gave it to me to keep me reminded
Of when he stole my thyme away

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


A few mornings ago, I woke up and went to sit on the edge of my bed. As I did, the room started to spin very rapidly. It went away after a while, and thought that I had gotten up too quickly.

That evening, as I got up from my chair, I bent down to pick up a newspaper that was lying on the floor. As I did, again, a bout of dizziness, this time almost knocking me down!

That night, I went to bed, and as I lay down, the room started to spin once again. At one point, turned over, and I felt like I was going to fall off the bed!

When I walk, I feel on the verge of spinning out of control.

I seem to have trouble holding onto things, dropping them, and I do this all day long! I think old age has caught up with me! The dizziness doesn’t stop, day after day, and I’m scheduled to visit the doctor in May, so I will see if it gets any worse, before I panic.

Please remember my Brother-in-law, John and MMB (My Man Bill) and all those that need our prayers.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


May you always have walls for the winds,
A roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
Laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
And all your heart might desire.

To all my friends, and in-laws;

To my children and my girlfriend, TLW (The Little Woman):
May St. Patrick guard you wherever you go,
And guide you in whatever you do--
And may his loving protection be a blessing to you always.

To all my readers:
May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields and,
Until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

To all the people that have expanded the family, be it Irish, Polish, Japanese or English, or any nationality there is:
May you have love that never ends,
Lots of money, and lots of friends.
Health be yours, whatever you do,
And may God send many blessings to you!

Today I make a special dish for TLW. Every year I try to do something that is not the usual, but comes from the old sod. This year it is pork chops in ale, with horse-radish mashed potatoes and Irish soda bread, and of course, a glass of ale! This is a way of connecting TLW with her heritage, and by good grace of Saint Anthony, (The patron saint of Italy) I hope she enjoys it.

Please remember my Brother-in-law John, MMB (My Man Bill) and all those that need our prayers. These two guys are good people, lets keep them around a long time.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Like a rat on a sinking ship, she high tailed her way off to New York City. As I sat all alone, with nobody to talk to, she was having a great time at Bruno’s Italian Resturant! As I listened to the silence, one more time, she was yakking away with her look alike buddies, Toots II and Pat, the Patron Saint of Foxwoods Points! Who is this ‘she’ I speak of? Why TLW (The Little Woman).

To make matters worse, she told me to do the weekly shopping. All of it!

Do you know what it is like to do a woman’s job like food shopping? Try looking for the frozen spinach. Do they put all the frozen spinach types together in the supermarket freezer? NOOOOOO! First, you find creamed spinach, or chopped spinach. Then after the corn, the Brussels sprouts and the string beans, about 20 feet further along, they stick the frozen spinach way on top, so you can’t reach it. All this while she is visiting Madame Tussauds!

Need escarole? You look for it. You look again. Then you look and look again. Then when you are not looking, they put it on the shelf, as you ask for help, and they want to know if you’ll need help finding your way out of the store! All this, while she sits in comfort on a big old bus, chewing the fat about her wanna-be bank!

Then, insults upon insults, she says: “ Go buy yourself some Chinese food, and I want the change.”

I go to the checkout to pay. The checkout lady asks if I have a Waldbaum’s card. I say yes and give her one for a discount. Being I’m deaf as a doorknob, she asks me if I have a single, and I misunderstand her. I look at her and ask: “Why?” She looks at me strange, I look at her strange, she says, a single, DO YOU HAVE A SINGLE? IT WILL AVOID A LOT OF CHANGE FOR THE EXTRA TWENTY YOU ARE HOLDING, SIR.

I answered a strong and firm; “Oh!” I thought she asked if I was single.


Please remember my Brother-in-law, John, and MMB (My Man Bill), and all those that need our prayers.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today we make a trip out to East Marion, NY, on the north shore of Long Island. We TLW (The Little Woman) and I will be visiting a friend of ours. The lady is a friend of TLW’s aunt Mary. Rosetta has adopted us as her family, since all she has is a nephew, Carl. Carl lives on the west end of Long Island.

Rosetta is in her late 70’s or early 80’s. She’s a golfer, and loves to entertain. Living with a dog, is all the company she has all day. Living alone way out on the east end of Long Island, these visits are important to her. We make sure to visit as often as we can.

One other thing; Rosetta is deaf. How deaf you ask? I’m glad you asked. Deafer than me! That is deaf! The conversations are interesting, stimulating, abstract, curious, and darn right noisy. One who did not know better would think a verbal altercation was going on! All that yelling!

Rosetta is a sweet woman. She will give you the shirt off her back, and although you probably wouldn’t want to see that, it is true.

After a day with Rosetta that includes: snacks, dinner with wine and dessert, a good old yelling slug fest, and leisurely drives to and from her home, we settle in at night with a good old Jack Daniel Manhattan and a few throat lozenges.

Last night I opened my e-mail and found an email from TLC (The Lovely Carol) my next door neighbor. It seems MMB (My Man Bill) thought he was having a heart attack, turns out it is Pancreatitis! If you ever wanted to pray for a good guy, a good family, and a man who has all the Christian values that are preached, but few hold up to, then pray for MMB. He is too good a man to have anything happen to. Do this as a favor for me. I will try to keep you abreast of things as I hear.

Please remember my brother-in-law John, MMB (My Man Bill), and all those that need our prayers.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Yes, it was Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, all over again!

20 years ago, I used to mind my own business. Now I go to speak first hand with politicians. It seems that a major issue occupies my mind, and I need to speak with a state senator about it.

So, off I go to the state offices in Hauppauge, NY, to fight the good fight.

The State of New York, under the leadership of Governor Patterson, has decided to take away residential development for the mentally and physically disabled, do away with a COLA for the good day care workers, and slash funding for Day Habilitation for people with mental disabilities. These people are easy targets because they as a whole; don’t really vote. Some do, but not the majority. So, along with the Executive Director of Suffolk AHRC, we marched to State Senator Brian X. Foley’s office.

Before I could even get into his office, I had to past a metal detector. This can be confusing when you don’t have a carry-on bag, and they all look at you like your nuts, without your shoes on!

Now the fellow with the wand, we’ll call him ‘Wando’, no hablo Englis, and dam if I could understand him, as the alarm went off!

Wando: “Ahuaize hur harme senor!”
Me: “Huh?
Wando: “Hur arhmes sir, ahuraize dem.”
I finally catch on, raise my arms and hope that if terrorists ever attack the place, he doesn’t get the job of shouting out the orders on what to do.

We find the office of the good senator, who happens to be away, and talk to his lovely assistant. She writes down my issues for her boss, we exchange cards and we leave. Having both made a plea: an explanation and a request to address the issues, we leave with hope. As we leave, there stands Wando in his same stance, bullying another English speaking taxpayer!

Please remember my brother-in-law and all those that need our prayers.

Friday, March 13, 2009


And, an insidious disease known as cancer claims another young life. DD has lost her battle with the disease, and now we move on.

I met DD a few times, I hardly spoke to her, I last saw her by accident at the cancer center at Stony Brook Hospital as she and her lovely mother Sue were getting off the elevator as I was leaving. Having a child with a disease sucks, losing one sucks even more. I know; I’ve been there.

There is nothing one can say. “I’m sorry,” sounds kind of worn-out. And what have we lost? We've all lost a young person, a young woman, but a potential for more. What potential? A potential to bring new life to this earth, a potential to help cure a disease maybe, or a potential to save lives or some kind of good works. DD was young; her days should have been ahead of her, not behind. When I think of all the evil that lurks about, the scum that lies cheats and steals from us all, I wonder what she could have possibly done at 18 years of age? Why?

“For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, 'It might have been'.”
John Greenleaf Whittier

Thank you if you have kept DD in your prayers. No one will remember, but God.

Please remember my brother-in-law John, and all those that need our prayers.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


If you wish to call me that! Of course, I don’t consider myself a writer, just a bloguer, someone who likes to write. This month marks the third year of this blogue. I use ‘blogue’ instead of the familiar ‘blog’, to have some fun and laugh at myself; besides, ‘blogue’ looks classier, no?

I enjoy getting things off my chest, or a good laugh. In the past three years, I’ve written about my life, from when I was born to yesterday. All of it is laughable!

In the next year, I intend to continue with new stories, observations and thoughts. Hopefully you will respond as some of you have.

If you have any questions you would like to ask me, just use the comment box at the end of each blogue, or email me at; delgraphics@optonline.net, or joedelbroccolo@yahoo.com. I will answer each either in the blogue or in an email.


Please remember DD and John, my brother-in-law, and all those that need our prayers.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yesterday was the big day I have been waiting for. TLW (The Little Woman) completed my blanket, mine, my very own!

Having your own personalized blanket is very important. Ask Linus. First, TLW made the blanket to match my complexion. Secondly, it will come in handy when I croak: she can just throw it over me until they come to leave me at the curb. (Tuesdays and Fridays) I will be able to hide stuff under it, and when she falls off to sleep, sneak a piece of it. Finally, we will match, her under her blanket, me under mine, in our recliners, drifting in and out of sleep, all night long, in front of the TV! Two old foggies, cast away in slumber! Just like two lampshades!

With this blanket, I may even take up thumb sucking!

When someone makes you a gift that takes a long time, you treasure it. You pay careful attention to where you leave it, how you leave it, ad how to treat it. This took a lot of work and time! Even the edging is beautiful. I’m funny that way. Make me something and I savor or treasure it as long as possible. When TLW makes it, FORGETTABOUTIT!

Please remember DD and my brother-in-law John, and all those that need our prayers.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


TLW (The Little Woman) gets a magazine called AARP. She doesn’t look like she should, but she does! I took it one day this week to wait for #2 Son to get out of class, and on the cover was Dustin Hoffman. He got old!

I started to think about all the people I know or knew, people from so long ago. People that I took for granted, that they would always be there and would always remain the same. I thought about my parents, as I remember them, not as they are now. Dad is gone, and Mom is 90, almost 91! I see my sisters and I don’t see their age, unless I look closely, but; it is not their age I see. I see, and hear them as they were once, long ago.

I remember friends from past years, some I hear from, some I seek out, some, are alive, some not. I recall places I’ve been to, places I took for granted. These very same places are no longer the same. Just in my memory. Places that have aged, like people. Places that need an overhaul, or are gone, replaced with new buildings and new people. People, who I don’t know work or live there,

What happened?

I can hear the sounds of laughter, the sights that comforted me, sounds and sights I no longer see or hear. It is getting very quiet. Soon I will start to count who is left, and then I will no longer count.

I used to worry about what people thought of me. I know that not everyone likes or agrees with me. I guess that comes with life. Now I worry no more! There is a whole new world out there, or is it the old world, just changing again? Is it not the same ground? The same world that I lived in a few years ago, that my ancestors lived in? George Washington lived in the same world I share. Do I worry I don’t fit in, or that people find me out of date?

We are all changing! We will all be that building that exists no more, whether we wish to acknowledge it or not. We will all be a distant memory. So, I don’t worry. In a hundred years from now, no one will notice, or care. That I wore or said something that was out of whack, no one would know it occurred.

Please remember John and DD, and all those that need our prayers.

Monday, March 09, 2009


Yesterday, (Saturday), after the long cold spell we had, the weather changed to beautiful! I opened the rear door, for the screen, and enjoyed a day of warmth!

Days like yesterday made me want to do more than I should. So, I purchased paint for the hall and downstairs toilet, I went out for a walk, fixed the kitchen faucet, swept up, and cleaned my car, inside and out. Then I went ahead and planned the meals for the week and made a list of what I need. I cooked dinner, and did some writing. I was a busy scout!

At the end of the day-pain! All the pain I would want, in my right foot, the bad one. Over 41 years ago, I was involved in a car accident, as a passenger. My head went through the windshield, and the engine sat next to me when it was over. I had a compounded fracture of the right foot and glass in my head! I was a mess. I landed in the hospital for a week and suffered the pain at home for almost six months!

Today, I can’t stand on my feet for long; dance and I can’t climb a ladder. If I do any of those things, the foot feels like someone stuck it with a knife.

But tomorrow, if the day is nice, I will become ambitious once again, and suffer the consequences. Stupid? No! I just won’t let it get me down.


Please remember DD and my brother-in-law, John, and all those that need our prayers.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Sitting in my studio, typing away, I was suddenly hit with some shocking news the other day! Now TLW (The Little Woman) and I have spent a fortune on #2 Son’s education. Our fervent hope is that he makes something of himself. Having guided him through his formative years, then through high school and now college.

We have discussed his ambitions, how he wanted to drive a white panel truck throughout the country and play in a band. Going from venue to venue was how he saw his life. Of course there was no talking him out of that one, then other ideas replaced that one and so we went.

Stepping into the threshold of the studio, with a slight bow he made his announcement. Being a man of ambition once myself, I see fulfilling of ambition a lot of hard work. #2 sees it as a click of the mouse!

“I have just become a minister!”

Being around for some time now, I didn’t get too excited. If this guy ever became a minister, I’d stop believing in God!

“Really.” And I went on typing.

“Yes, I did it on line! It was so easy! I never thought I’d be something like that!”

“Yes! That is something! What is the name of your church?” Why not play along?


“What makes your church different from say a Methodist church?” I asked.

“Oh! We practice all religions!” he stated proudly.

With him as the head of a church, the sacrament would be a daily one. That is, one bottle of beer from a six pack, for six days, and on the seventh, he would ask his mother for money to buy another six pack!

Let us pray!

Please remember DD and my brother-in-law John, and all those who need our prayers.

Saturday, March 07, 2009


The other morning I decided to take a ride over to the library and take out a book. I used to take out women, but somehow that all changed, it was so long ago, and I’ve forgotten why it changed!

As I perused the shelves of the Sachem Public Library, I came upon a book on a shelf about Gil Hodges, a great Brooklyn Dodger first baseman and New York Mets manager. (1969 World Champions!) The book looked like something I would want to read. As I looked at the cover, it came over me that maybe the book looked familiar. Did I read it? I got a little closer and it seemed to look a little familiar. I thought I would thumb through the book to see if it was familiar. Reaching up, I took the book down and started to fan through the pages, when I suddenly came upon a piece of paper stuck in the pages. Yup, I read it all right. A receipt I got from a doctor’s visit was used as a bookmark!

I said to myself (I do that a lot!), wait ‘til I tell TLW. (The Little Woman) Say: “‘til I tell TLW” three times! (Feels stupid, no?)

That night, TLW and I are talking. (Well, she’s talking, I’m listening) and I remember the library! I start to tell her about it, and go into the den where my book was, and pull out the receipt, and bring it over to her. I give her the paper and she says: “Fifteen dollars!!!”

Please remember DD and my brother-in-law, John and all those that need our prayers.

Friday, March 06, 2009


It is so hard to do!

This morning I stopped for a red light in my car, and right in front of me was a school bus. The bus had glass-paneled doors that fit into the back rear emergency door of the bus. In the bus were some 2nd or 3rd graders, who were looking out the rear door.

I will be 64 in July. My mother is still waiting for me to grow up. I probably won’t ever grow up!

Anyway, this urge overcame me. I stuck my tongue out at the kids. One kid nearly fell out of his clothes as he called over his buddy. Pointing at me, he told his buddy what I did, they laughed and stuck their tongues out at me! (I don’t know where these kids get this stuff from?)

I decided that as an older person, I would not take this stuff from them, so I put my thumb on the end of my nose and wiggled my fingers. This is an much profanity one can use without using real profanity, and still be legal. Just then, the bus moved ahead of me and one kid stuck his tongue out again, another gave me the wiggle fingers, and another, flipped me the bird! (No, I did not flip it back.) So, I have contributed to bad behavior, childish, immature, bad behavior. The kind of behavior that would have sent me down to the principle’s office and Brother Justinian!

I’ve decided, I need to get a little classier. So, in an attempt to rebuild my self-image, and that of the world’s view of me, I am no longer writing a ‘blog’, but instead, I will refer to it as a ‘blogue’

I can feel the class oozing out of me, even as I write this!

Please remember DD and my brother-in-law, John, and all those that need our prayers.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, and all those who read this blogue, be on the lookout for a Jewish PITA (Pain In The Ass) who goes by the name of Phil Mark.

Known to drive people up the wall, to rip their hair out of their heads, and to just break down and cry for long periods.

Who is this guy? Beats me! He keeps showing up in my life! When I went to college for an education, I got one, I met him! When I got married, and thought the world would improve, who shows up as my best-man? Him!

When on the altar, who screws up the priest and gets communion? Him (He IS Jewish!)

When I had my daughter baptized, who was the godfather? HIM!

Yes, he just keeps showing up like a bad penny. If you don’t believe me, then ask his wife, Linda, or his children: Jason, Justin and Danielle.

Today he celebrates his birthday. He is so old: he wears a plague that describes him as a historical landmark!

So, if you run into him, DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO HIS EYES!

Instead, count yourself lucky you met him!


Please remember DD and John my brother-in-law, and all those that need our prayers.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Or, Just How Cold IS It?

I went out for my usual roll and coffee this morning, and asked the young fellow behind the counter if he knew just how cold it was outside. I’ll tell you in a moment.

You must wonder if I’m retired, why I go out every morning for a roll and coffee. For precisely that reason, to get out for a moment, just like I used to do, to see what’s new in coffee cups, coffee urns and good-looking girls. So far, all I know about is coffee, and girls with good eyesight!

So, I get my coffee and select a pre-wrapped buttered roll, and go to pay for it. A young fellow is behind the cash register and is dressed funky. We used to call it dressing like a bum, but now it’s called, funky.

Me: “Do you know how cold it is outside?”
The Test Pilot For Good Will: “No?”
Me: “It’s so cold, the radio reported this morning that the Statue Of Liberty has her torch under her skirt!”
The Test Pilot For Good Will: “Huh? Oh.”


It IS probably me. Maybe I need something stronger than coffee.

My neighbor, MMB, (My Man Bill, is probably the best neighbor you could possibly have. Not only did he clear out my driveway, but he came back a second time to clear it again. He probably figured it is better than having me hang around the neighborhood.

Mr. Ignellzi, my neighbor across the street, did something yesterday I never saw him do before. He was actually wearing winter clothes! I usually see him in a T-shirt and shorts, barefooted outside, no matter what the weather.

So much for important information this day.

Please remember DD, my brother-in-law John, and all those that need our prayers. Especially smokers.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


It sure does! I’m sick of hearing people complain about it! Me, I enjoy it. Give me a cup of coffee and a good movie, and let it snow, let it snow; let it snow!

Yesterday I got “What for?” from TLW (The Little Woman). It seems she was slightly perturbed by the picture of her used lately on the blog. Seems that I went too far! Mind you, this photo is for illustrative purposes only, and only slightly enhanced with the red nose, which I toned down. It wouldn’t have been a problem if a certain sister-in-law from Virginia hadn’t brought it up. I don’t want to mention names but her initials were Angela Manning’s’! Aside from that: I apologize, and promise not to let that happen again. I love TLW, and would never do anything to hurt her.

We put the local TV station on this morning. They were all excited about the storm, since it made them relevant to the day. Proudly they announced the school closings, the road conditions and the weather. Everyone should have a job.

This storm that hit today is the worst since I don’t remember when! Over 10” of snow! Looks like before it is over, there will be 14” to 15” on the ground! We were supposed to go out to East Marion to visit a friend. It is usually a very pleasant drive, through the north shore of Long Island. I was looking forward to the drive, very slow paced and peaceful. So much for that!

Today we will spend the day staring down #2 Son, a movie, a little writing and some reading. I also would like to start on an art project I need to get done.

Stay safe and healthy.

I forgive you AM!

Please remember DD, John my brother-in-law, and all those that need our prayers.

Monday, March 02, 2009


‘Happy’, my cocker spaniel is getting old! She can no longer hear, as she sleeps all day, and total strangers step over her! Yesterday we had two strange people in our house; one was #2’s girl friend and the other a friend of his. Happy hates strangers. Happy hates other dogs, and even used to bark at her reflection in the mirror! She never heard or saw anyone!

Being a little deaf myself, we understand each other perfectly. I can tune out things like loud annoying or repetitive noises, a wife or even a priest giving a sermon. This is a blessing, as I can sleep all night, and even with my eyes opened!

Attending board of director meetings, I don’t need to hear, as long as I have the minutes in front of me from the last meeting. Although I am noted as outspoken, I do enjoy the quietness that I employ when I want to.

However, Happy is taken on another clue to her age. She can’t see that well! It seems that when TLW (The Little Woman) would let her out in the morning, on occasion she would fall into the pool! At 4:00 am in the morning, snow and ice all around, TLW would try to fish her out! I suspect that she couldn’t negotiate the backyard in the dark. Now, when I let her out, I keep the outside lights on for her.

At night, when she wants to come upstairs to bed with us, she can’t find the stairway, and stands at the bottom and barks. I have to go down, and physically carry her upstairs! She doesn’t roam around the house in the dark like she used to.

She used to sit on guard at the staircase, watching the front door when I would work in my studio upstairs. Now, she joins me in my studio, asleep on the floor. If someone is at the door, I hear the door before she even stirs a little!

I have decided to rename ‘Happy’, ‘Dopey’!

Please remember all those like DD and my brother-in-law, John who need our prayers.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


There are few times in my married life where I witnessed TLW (The Little Woman) not feeling well, this is one of them!

It seems that #2 Son has brought home a nasty cold, which he gave to me, and then gave to his Mom. I would never do that.

Since he is out of my will for the cold, he is now further out of the will because he gave it to TLW. TLW now hates him and me for this intrusion on her health, as she drags it back and forth to work! I told her to take a sick day, but she looked at me like I have grown an eye in my chin. What can I do?

When she sits there in her chair, her nose is stuffed and she hides under a blanket or two, and with sullen solemnity, she naps. I feel very bad for her, and wish I could take the symptoms for her.

Sleeping is a job! TLW has to sleep with an extra pillow, her head propped and fighting the stuffiness, even to sleep!

As for me, I still have this annoying cough, which attacks at any time, but especially hard in the A.M.

It seems that I have gotten a few too many colds this winter, and frankly, I am starting to get annoyed.

But, TLW! When she is sick, the lines of communication fail, we talk very little and I miss her. Oh, she is right there, but she is in another world. I guess I try to look out for her, but she insists on carrying on. A real trooper. I like to go off by myself until I feel better. No point watching others enjoy their health while I’m under the weather. But when TLW is ailing, the whole world ails too.

Ahh chooo! Pardon me!

Please remember DD and John and all those that need our prayers.