Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Way back in my day, when men were men and women ladies, there was a certain code of ethics. Men never swore in front of ladies, (even if the ladies wore moustaches) and ladies never used profanity, (even if they had moustaches.)

Boy has times changed!

As I sit in meetings where the group is informal, the ‘F’ word is tossed about as often as the ‘the’ word. The problem is the women use it! (The ‘F’ word, pay attention!)

Being a ‘guy’, I have been known to go off and swear; I even used the ‘F’ word once or twice myself in private. But when I hear it used so often, any impact it may have had, is lost! Besides the meaning of the word, it becomes doubly offensive when it shows no respect for the people who hear it. But it is most offensive when women use it.

I came from a family of four sisters. Never once did they ever use that word. TLW (The Little Woman) has never, ever used that word. I think of them as class acts. None of my sister-in-laws ever has gone down to that level, as have neither my mom nor mother-in-law. All the ladies are ladies, and that I am proud of. My nieces, on both sides of the marriage aisle have never used it in my presence, and again, I hope they don’t use it. I think not.

So, ladies, if you do use it, try finding another word.

And guys, there is NO double standard or excuse to use it. Not in front of other guys or especially not in front of women. Think of your mother or father, and think, how would they hear that?



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