Sunday, August 22, 2010


You may have read about my holiday decorating plan, how I like to decorate the house.
What I do is leave the box of decorations at the front door, and when someone comes to visit, they reach into the box and pull out a decoration and place it somewhere. Hopefully on the tree or a place that looks festive, and NOT where the sun don’t shine!

Well, recently I have been watching a show called: Little People, Big World. It is about two small, dwarfish people, a husband and wife named the Roloffs. They fascinate me because they achieve such huge things in their lives. They even have a son who is little, and all three are interesting! Having started out on a run-down farm, they have built an empire through intelligence, hard work and not taking ‘No’ for an answer. Their farm would dwarf what they started out with by a large margin. They also have three normal sized children who take life as it comes.

On one of their shows, they decided to decorate for Christmas in their newly expanded home. Matt, the husband asked Amie the wife if she would find the decorations and help him decorate. What she found for this huge house was a box of small decorations, not enough to do one room.

Old Matt had an idea. He goes on the internet and finds a company that will not only deliver decorations, but will put then up!

How I hate to put up the tree, pull down all the decorations and then have to put it all up on the tree. There is a snow village, and once there was a train set. Now the family is lucky if they get me to pull down the tree! The branches have to look full and balanced, as do the balls needing to be scattered just so, while the garland is hanging perfectly. Then you have to have people come to the house and say: OOH, how beautiful Ellen, I like what you did with the tree!” (Politeness sucks!) They only look at the tinsel and the balls, no one EVER says: “Wow! What a well-balanced tree you have!”


Jim Pantaleno said...

Did you have your tongue in cheek when you said their farm "dwarfed" what they started out with. Just curious.

Anonymous said...

We've seen several episodes of that series. The way they face the everyday challenges as well as those as a result of health problems is very uplifting.
By the way, nice tree.