Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I hate bad attitudes. Especially when they come from people that should be helping me.

It seems that I have prescription problems with doctors and pharmacies. They never get it right, and I usually am without medications for a few days. This makes me wonder how good the systems are working.

I’m supposed to get a 30-day supply of each medication, and two renewals. What I get is: “Too early to renew” and “You need a doctor’s prescription for a refill.”

I pick up the phone and call the doctor’s office. I explain and get an attitude. One of impatience, and one I wouldn’t tolerate from anyone. I explain to her that I just want to straighten out my medications, and she continues her attitude! I explode, and inform her that I don’t like her attitude, her tone, and to get this situation taken care of. She responds pleasantly and says she will take care of it with the pharmacy.

The doctor’s office gets back to me and says she took care of it. I thank her very pleasantly, and go off to the pharmacy.

There he stands, behind the counter, he should be wearing a big red nose, funny hair and large shoes with big red spots on his cheeks.

Bozo: “Can I help you?” He asks me this under a sign that says ‘Pick up prescriptions here.’

“Yes, I’m here to pick up two prescriptions. Name is Del Bloggolo, Joseph”

Checking his computer he tells me they were ready days ago.

“Why didn’t you give me these days ago, then?

Bozo: “Oh, the computer must have been down!”

“I’m here to pick up #2 Son’s prescription, also.”

Bozo: “Sorry, the computer says you can’t have it!”

I start to fume. “Waddayamean I can’t have it?”

Turning the screen towards me he says: “See, if you want it you have to pay cash, the insurance company won’t pay for it until it is time.”

“When is time?”

Bozo: “Today! It will be ready in an hour.”


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain.

The Whiner said...

Sounds very familiar. It's really a wonder anything gets accomplished these days, as people seem to become more inept with each passing hour.