Monday, September 13, 2010


Or so the accusation goes.

It all started when I got the order to put in a new foot lock for the patio door, and to reconnect the house alarm contact in the same door. It was a sweltering humid day, and TLW (The Little Woman) had already given me orders to connect my new phone, but to “Read the instructions, first!”

Then came the following:

“You will put in the foot lock, and then reconnect the house alarm to the same said door.” She knows where I live, so I had better get it done.

Pulling out my toolbox, I started working when she decided I needed more instructions on how to do things too. After testing my theories, checking the door for closing and adding her opinions, she finally said: “I don’t know why I argue with you, you know what you are doing!”

Feeling somewhat inflated (No fat jokes, please), I continued my assignments like a true husband. Finally things were done, and there stood only the cleanup. Bending down to start picking up things, I said: “Toots, I was going to take care of that!”
TLW: “Oh, I don’t mind, you can pick up your tools. (I got permission!) I’ll pick up the instructions, you don’t use them anyway. ”
Me: “well I always say…”
TLW: “You are just like your father! When your father did things, your mother would call you to come over and fix it because your father never read the instructions, and now you are just like him!”

Me: “But I always say if you spend time reading instructions… nothing ever gets done!”

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