Sunday, May 13, 2012


To Mom, TLW (The Little Woman), Tessie my older sister (Much older), Fran, Mary Ann and Joanne my beautiful sisters, Claire Hyde, Maureen and Angela (S S-I-L) and Laurie Ann and Jean-Marie (with a hyphen) Jennifer, Christine and Annmarie and Kim  and soon to be mom Sarah, and some moms that have lost a child in particular, I salute you and every mother that ever lived and will live. To the mother’s that read this blogue, you too are most respected in the same light and breath as those I mentioned.

Mother is a title that is probably the most venerated, most beloved, respected and the most challenged. It comes with great peril, because no matter what she does as a teacher, guardian, protector, homemaker and parent, how you behave somehow ends up on her doorstep by some people.

There are mothers out there who I need to acknowledge, there is Michele my high school classmate, who battles everyday, storming the heavens for God to heal her precious daughter, be it in Massachusetts, North Carolina, or East Patchogue, Michele is by her daughter and has been since before we reconnected. There is another schoolmate, Pam, who lost a child but keeps him very much alive in her heart and soul, there’s Laura, who made the world brighter with my little sweetheart Ava, my niece Laurie who lost two children before they had a chance to bloom, who spends her life working for others, a caring person, and my wife Ellen, who shows me that life continues, that we don’t forget, we remember in little ways.

To all the moms out there who have a child that is in crisis, in need of intervention in either a psychological or physical way, stay the course, your child has the greatest ally ever, you. If your children are all just fine, than you are blessed too, and I wish you continued happiness and a happy day today. If you are a mother who is estranged from your child, there is always tomorrow, and there is hope, and you just never know, God bless you and keep up the hope as you keep up the love.

As children of someone, we all remember mom, she is OUR mother, so we respect and love her. If she passed, then we know just how important this day is. Don’t make it a day of tears, but of celebration that God thought it fit that she ever walked the earth, and gave birth.

And to all moms out there, look around you if possible and count your blessings.


I wrote this blogue on February 4th, 2009, I think it still stands true. Go to:


  • A timeless message for all moms....SS-I-L

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:57 AM  

  • Thank you Joe, no-one says it better than you.

    By Anonymous Arlene, at 1:07 PM  

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