Friday, August 01, 2014


Lately and over the years I have heard a lot of discussion about the US converting to the Metric system. Leaving well enough alone is not enough for some people: they have to change things too. The reasoning goes is that the rest of the world is on metrics, so: so should we.

My feeling is why? Why should we do anything because the rest of the world does it? After all, just how well has it worked for the rest of the world? A country gets into trouble financially, who rescues them but the good old U. S. of A., that’s who; using our own way of doing things. But what if the metric system did ever take over we'd have to change a lot of our thinking?

If you look at all the people in this country who have driven themselves to be successful, only to fail, you would have to say:  A miss is as good as 1.6 kilometers. But you have to wonder what a miss has to do with distance.
Not wanting to accept failure, that person would have to be persuaded to get back up on that horse or put his best 0.3 of a meter forward. Success does not come easy.

Raising our children will take on a whole new color, as we find the virtues of corporal punishment. That brat of yours steps out of line and what, a lecture? Does that make for a strong lesson? No, you want to apply some meaningful persuasion, not spare the 5.03 meters and spoil the child! After all, twenty-eight grams of prevention is worth 453 grams of cure.
And what would we do with those little ditties like: Peter Piper picked 8.8 liters of pickled peppers.
I assure you this, once we start adopting what the rest of this world does, we won’t stop there. Give currency to those unhappy with our way of life and you might as well say: Give a man 2.5 centimeters and he'll take 1.609 kilometers.



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