Sunday, August 17, 2014


The 'HOLY' grounds
Yes, going to the ballpark and paying three times as much for something!

That's Bill next to Princess Pat
Last Saturday evening, at the invitation of Bill, the beleaguered husband of the Princess of Foxwoods Points, a Yankee fan no less, and I attended a Mets game.

Keeping a low profile
Being a Mets fan, as you know takes some courage, you need to wear a disguise upon entering Citi Field, and you should NOT try to seek out the cameras when they pan the ballpark, because you might be seen.

Being as I am a Mets fan, we those brave souls who stay to the end, root for our team win or lose, unlike any other baseball team in New York, we are prone to listening to our wives. Mine upon leaving for the day said: “Make sure you take a coat or jacket with you tonight at the ballpark because it will get cooler!” So off to Bill’s house where we will go with another Mets fans home to pick up the fellow who has the tickets. I find Bill looking at his TV weather. “Bill, my wife told me I should wear a jacket in case it gets cool tonight, but I won’t, besides I don’t want to have to carry it around all night.” Bill punctuating the air replies: “Exactly! I’m not bringing one too!”

Really nice seats!
Baseball is not what it used to be. In the old days of Ebbets Field and Shea Stadium, you went to the ballgame, had a hot dog with a beer, maybe some peanuts, just like in the song, and went home, win or lose. Your experience was complete and as expected. Today it has all changed, but I’m not sure if it is for the best? There are the many concessions that sell hotdogs, some sell beer and wine only and some sell sausage and peppers sandwiches. There are Taco places and you can get sushi! There is even one that sells fish only! There is a bridge called the Shea Bridge, and the big screens that display what you just saw, over and over again! You have to hunt for the balls and strikes count amidst all the electronic messaging they throw up at you and of course there is the in-seat food menu they hand out.

Looking at the menu and seeing the prices, I decided to get out of my seat and go to the concessionaire and buy my dinner. One of the good things about the new experience at the ballpark is, with the many food places, there is no wait. But when you pay for a hamburger with French fries and a soda, you PAY! $25.25! The only thing missing from that experience is the seller wearing a mask and saying: “STICK ‘EM UP!”



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