Friday, September 05, 2014


La Principessa!
If you spend too much time in an airport, things start to happen to your ability to make sense out of anything.

On our way to Burbank, California to see La Principessa, TLW (The Little Woman) and me had a three-hour layover at Fan Francisco airport. Since it was so early a flight out of Newark to San Francisco we decided not to eat breakfast until we reached west coast.

There are just so many things you can do to occupy your time for three hours in any airport, no matter how big it is. San Francisco IS a big airport, and there is only one more thing to do there. After you eat, buy a newspaper and look around some of the stores that sell all that junk, you can still search for Tony Bennett’s heart. But give up the ghost: I looked everywhere.

The man is NOT heartless!
Having flown for six hours, we got off the plane and were hungry for our breakfast, but all the places were like Mac Donald’s and we wanted something a little more comfortable, with a waitress or waiter and tables. Shuffling from one section to another we come across a place called Buena Vista, a somewhat fancy looking place that had everything required to make me happy. Sitting down, the waitress gets our coffee order and gives us the menu, which I peruse with great interest. After all, Buena Vista evokes images of tacos and burritos and enchiladas. There amongst the clutter of offerings is a breakfast enchilada, complete with eggs, green pepper and sour cream with cheese and onions, enough of everything to kill you in Espanol!

As I read the back of the menu there is a little history about the place.

The historic venture started on the night of November the 10th in 1952. Jack Koeppler, then-owner of the Buena Vista, challenged international travel writer Stanton Delaplane to help re-create a highly touted "Irish Coffee" served at Shannon Airport in Ireland. Intrigued, Stan Accepted Jack’s invitation, and the pair began to experiment immediately.

Throughout the night the two of them stirred and sipped judiciously and eventually acknowledged two recurring problems. The taste was "not quite right," and the cream would not float. Stan’s hopes sank like the cream, but Jack was undaunted. The restaurateur pursued the elusive elixir with religious fervor, even making a pilgrimage overseas to Shannon Airport.

Upon Jack’s return, the experimentation continued. Finally, the perfect-tasting Irish whiskey was selected. Then the problem of the bottom-bent cream was taken to San Francisco’s mayor, a prominent dairy owner. It was discovered that when the cream was aged for 48 hours and frothed to a precise consistency, it would float as delicately as a swan on the surface of Jack’s and Stan’s special nectar.
Success was theirs! With the recipe now mastered, a sparkling clear, six-ounce, heat-treated goblet was chosen as a suitable chalice.

Soon the fame of the Buena Vista’s Irish Coffee spread throughout the land. Today, it’s still the same delicious mixture, and it’s still the same clamorous, cosmopolitan Buena Vista. Both…delightful experiences.

That story is from their website verbatim. Well the story, although interesting, shattered my Mexican experience! Dios Mios!

I will tell you this, the food was delicious, the potatoes were incredible as was the coffee and the place was clean! Ole lads!



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