Thursday, September 04, 2014


Yes, there are words in this world we all like to hear. Words that make our day, lift our spirits and make us jump for joy. Usually these words are unexpected, unsolicited and sometimes down right unfathomable, words for the ages so to speak, or in my case, words for the aged!

Recently I got a message on Facebook from someone who has no reason to be nice to me, will gain nothing from me but a huge thanks and who I should send money or at least a cheese cake for saying what she did.

“Your birthday poem to your cousin cracked me up LOL. Too funny! I think Darby looks a little like you.”

Yes, that is what she wrote, something I suspected but was afraid to mention for obvious reasons, but I guess you can’t hide from the truth. Now this person who happens to be beautiful herself, with high moral standards and EXTREMELY truthful laid it out for all of us.

Being a modest and humble man myself, I would never mention the fact that La Principessa, my beautiful and gorgeous granddaughter Darby Shea looks like me. Of course not, that will go unsaid by everyone, but deep in their hearts they know, they feel it, they can’t deny it, La Principessa looks like her Grandpa Joe: God bless you Donna Jordan Reynolds, and God bless America!



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