Sunday, September 14, 2014


You know what I’m talking about, that horrid contraption that resides in your pocket or pocketbook. You got the damned thing because someone convinced you to. You had one that was simple enough, flip it open and either make a call or answer it, no problem: no big deal.

Then one day things got complicated, you could now take pictures, download apps and generally be annoyed by the possibility of forgetting it at home and going into a deep panic and explosive disorder. Not only that, but you no longer knew what people looked like, because their noses were buried deep into the contraption and were worlds away from where they stood, oblivious of you or the world around them, there was even a chance of you falling into the trap. It was now more dangerous than drinking and driving, or being high on drugs, if you did drive.

Pure Evil
To make things even worse, you don’t really have a handle on it, it seems to do strange things, it works in strange ways, but after all, you are treating it like a god, After you spend a whole night charging it, you look for the first time at it in the morning and already your phone is in need of a charge. Sometimes it goes on by itself or shuts down by itself or even makes strange noises you have no notion of why they occur.

Then to make you nuts, they invent 2 kinds of phones: android and I-Phone, and it takes you weeks to figure out which is which, until some little 6-year old tells you the difference. Then one night you look on TV, and your phone is obsolete by 5 generations and you just purchased the thing!

Old people, forget about it, we can’t even control it. A good friend of mine had taken a picture, one solitary picture of his grandson, wound up with 150 in his phone, like he had a rabbit or bunny app! Needed a younger person to get ride of 149 of them. Once I put it in my side pocket with my car keys, set off the car alarm!


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