Monday, September 01, 2014


If there is one date more than any other that makes a statement to me, it is September 1st. let’s face it, we think the year is still new until we get to the first. All of a sudden, we are facing Labor Day, the end of summer and the beginning of autumn: which means the holidays are coming and so is the New Year.

Some of us love the summer, a chance to dress down somewhat, wear floppy sandals and shorts with t-shirts and get away with looking grubby. Me, I have a whole wardrobe for grubby that I maintain faithfully throughout the year.

Once Labor Day comes and goes, the Fall season becomes a hotbed of activity, what with going back to school, work, Halloween and Thanksgiving, the anticipation of Christmas and Chanukah the New Year looms large. As far as Halloween costumes go, I can always dip into my wardrobe and have a costume, fully accessorized and look like I stepped out of central casting. But let’s not overlook the World Series and the beginning of Football, Hockey and Basketball!

Might be Main Street in East Hampton!
Another thing about the date is that it has a huge bearing on Long Island. The city folk, who tend to clog the highways and byways of Eastern Long Island, return to their nests in the urban concrete jungle, leaving the roads and restaurants, stores and beaches to the people who pay for them, the residents and taxpayers, as they city dwellers all leave, at the same time, during the rush hour of the first Tuesday after Labor Day!  It is one more time for old time sake and I’ll see you in May.

When I was a kid in high school, this was New Years Day for me, the day I made my resolutions for the coming school year. It was new clothes and a vow NOT to draw in the margins of my notebooks, so I wouldn’t have to re-write the notebooks before I handed them in.

In 1923, my boyhood hero, Rocky Marciano was born on this date, not that that has anything to do with the cost of onions, or September for that matter.

So Dear Reader, get ready for the New Year, I see some places have already decorated for Christmas, or maybe they still haven’t had a chance to take them down from last year.



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