Wednesday, September 10, 2014


In my lifetime I have experienced many events, some good and some bad. It is something we all share as humans, and something we should all appreciate in each of us.

Having lost a child and having to deal with a child with special needs, I have along with my wife suffered great heartache. We were on the leading edge of pain, often feeling like lepers in our families as we dealt with our problems through the years. Others looked at us like they were sympathetic, but that it was our problem, and they could go home to their normal families. Often it made my wife and I feel isolated and odd, alone in our own family. We envied them, but didn’t wish it on them, because to do so would have harmed other innocent children.

But something strange happened: it made us strong, as a couple and as parents. We had to deal with it all, by ourselves, and we didn’t mind, it was our children, we love them very much.

Suddenly the world has turned upside down. We are the proud grandparents of a beautiful little granddaughter, who has brought us nothing but great joy. Every morning we look for her beautiful face, sweet smile and joyous eyes as a reward for all the pain and suffering we have had. She has come into our lives and shook out all the sadness, all the pain and all the loneliness that pervaded our lives. We almost feel guilty, enjoying a child and hoping we don’t have to pay for it.

Every time #1 Son Anthony sends us a picture of his beautiful daughter, our whole day is made, our step is jauntier and our attitude merrier. Why, because it is a picture of La Principessa, my beautiful grandchild.  Maybe in our eyes we are prejudice, unable to see a flaw, but to us she is the most beautiful and perfect child in the world.

Every Sunday we look forward to Face Time with Darby Shea. She suddenly appears and no matter what the weather conditions, it suddenly becomes sunny, spring-like and happiness prevails. She looks into the screen with her wise eyes and beautiful smile, and we can’t help but go crazy in love. She is truly a gift from God, one that is invading our consciousness every moment of the day.

Hopefully, another day will dawn where we must board a plane to Burbank and see that lovely little creature, and I will have more days of glorious joy.



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