Saturday, October 11, 2014


We are all surprised at one time or another. We are somewhere, it could be home or a supermarket and all of a sudden, you see someone you know from long ago. The joy comes rushing back and you are so glad to see the individual that all protocol is thrown out the window and you get excited and maybe hug the person, kiss him or her or just pump his/her hand.

It happened to me only recently, as I stood at the check out line of my local convenience store, waiting for two breakfast sandwiches one Saturday morning. At first I wasn’t sure, but took a second look and sure enough I was right! After years and years there stood a box of powdered donuts, in perfect alignment with other boxes of powdered donuts. And did not my eyes deceive me, was that not a box of Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies?

But wait, there along with all those wonderful old friends sat the Deluxe French Cheese Cake, calling my name and enticing me as only a cheesecake could!

My first thought was to rush the shelves and grab them all, bringing them to my breast in a bodacious hug, so filled with sweet memories, and delicious thoughts of ravaging lust, my heart was going to burst!

But alas, those days were gone, that love lie still, under the calories I was carrying around with me all these years, all because of them, My tears turning quickly to remorse as I looked away before their call became too enticing and I would fall away once more.

I paid for my two egg sandwiches and left the store, stepping into the rainy morning, my heart broken and my conscience clear, I would be able to face the world knowing that this time, I did not fall to their heady perfume, and alluring wraps. Oh, maybe someday we will meet again, under better circumstances, when my hands were not filled with egg sandwiches, and I am hungry.

Address: 1231 Taft Hwy, Signal Mountain, TN 37377
Hours: Open today · 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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  • It's funny. We have the same circle of friends.

    By Anonymous Princess Pat, at 12:31 PM  

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