Friday, October 03, 2014


It’s true, I must confess. I recently found this Library account and managed to enter the site without a problem, imagining what the password would be. I did it cleanly and successfully, no one found out I managed it.
AKA 'El Hacko'
I was able to get into two Facebook accounts after figuring out the passwords. It took a great deal of time and imagination, trial and error but I did it, and I am proud of myself.

The two operations above were conducted from my laptop, but I have managed to get into accounts from my I-pad, once again without detection, simply manipulating words and letters and arranging and re-arranging letters and numbers. I’m that good. It takes trial and error, but if you do it enough times it can be done.

The other day I was curious about something on YouTube, being away from home I went on my cell phone, an android and went to YouTube and began the process of hacking to get in. After about an half an hour, I was able to penetrate the veiled walls of the site and literally use it until the battery ran out on my phone.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now, finding these sites and by a process of trial and error, logic and guile, penetrating the security walls of these sites and walking away Scott free. (Dred Scott free?)

If I ever learn to record all my passwords, it would of course be so much easier, but it certainly feels like I’m hacking my own accounts! Somehow I feel naughty!

Address: 1231 Taft Hwy, Signal Mountain, TN 37377
Hours: Open today · 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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