Tuesday, October 07, 2014


The other day coming home from a meeting in Westchester, I stopped at a red light near my home and there was a car in front of me. The light changed and the car at first didn’t move, then slowly but erratically it began to move, drifting to the right and then to the left, at a very slow speed, and making a left turn.

At first I became very alarmed, thinking it was someone under stress. Perhaps a seizure or heart attack was occurring but I noticed that I couldn’t make out the driver behind the wheel. Perhaps the person was slumping under the dash board while turning!

Thomas Payne
As we both slid under the overpass of the LIE, I could see better that it was a young lady, leaning back and in here hand was a phone! I leaned into my horn I was so mad, and she was telling me in sign language that give her a minute, shaking me off!

Why is it that the traffic laws only apply to some of us and not others? You see this kind of behavior all the time, and it makes me worry, just for my family or myself. What if someone who is not paying attention causes the death of someone?

Then you travel through the local streets, the residential ones where people drive down the street like it is a speedway, unconcerned about children who might be playing, or cars pulling out of driveways, leaving no time for reaction to the speeder? If that doesn’t rattle your cookies, then how about when you approach a Stop Sign? There is a car coming from another direction, and you stop but he runs the sign? This idiot hasn’t figured that I might try the same thing. Where the heck is the safety or courtesy on the road?

Recently I was driving down a residential street when all of a sudden from way down the street came this pickup truck, doing about 60mph right up to my rear, almost trying to intimidate me to get out of his way! He was without room to maneuver around me, and at my mercy, that is when I get my back up and deliberately slow down, this makes him come to some kind of conclusion: that I won’t be intimidated.

Then there is always the idiots who are granted access to the highway. You are doing 65, and some moron jumps in front of you doing 35! He should be pulled over to the side of the road and his heart should be removed. Of course I must not forget the jackass that we all deal with, you are driving at say 65 mph again, there is safely 6 cars lengths in front of you of space, the recommended distance in the driver’s manual. Numbskull in the lane next to you is impatient with the guy in front of him so he pops in front of you at the very last second, scaring the hell out of you, no signal of course because he thinks that like him, I won’t let him in. Once again, a heart disposal is in order.

People, use common sense, because as Thomas Payne once said: “Common sense is not common!”

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