Sunday, October 05, 2014


Years ago, when I was working in Manhattan, one of the things that got me down was the heat and humidity. You jumped out of the shower every morning and needed to jump right back in on those hot and humid days.

I would return home at night, practically stripping from the train station to my house, peeling away the vestiges of a full day in the subways and concrete jungle of the Big Apple.

This was sometimes a matter of contention with TLW (The Little Woman), who did not feel the heat or humidity, and 90 degree + weather, and was probably walking around in a sweater.

I automatically sweat with anything over 50 degrees and add on the humidity and I am miserable.

Then the tables turned. I started to work at home, the kids were out of the house, and TLW decided to go to work. Suddenly she was in air-conditioning all day long from the Wanna-Be Bank & Truss Company, and when she left it, couldn’t stand the heat any more than I did! Finally, I had a sympathizer to the point that she needed to cool off, open windows and throw off blankets in the morning!

This morning (about a week ago) I had the weather on and the news that it would be 10 degrees warmer than normal! It would be about 80 and I could feel the humidity and it wasn’t even 7:00 am! I need a break, and TLW is complaining, yes, like me. We are 2 old whiners complaining about the heat, a heat that seems to be absent all summer long, and when you expect the coolness and crispness of Fall weather, you get the heat and humidity of August!


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