Thursday, July 30, 2015


This has been one of the better vacations I have taken in a long while. The South Carolina hospitality here in Myrtle Beach really extends itself from the friendly people to the food and entertainment. If that is not enough, you can always go north into Wilmington, North Carolina and continue the good times.

The Hopsewee Plantation, situated Georgetown, SC is a very rear gem, one that started out my visit to Myrtle Beach on a very high note. It is the only plantation standing that is not restored, but maintained, not renovated but repaired, and the only plantation that is still on its original footprint.

The home has had many owners, and throughout the years each owner has kept the integrity of the plantation, as told to us by the most beautiful guide I have ever met, who in her mid to late eighty’s still gives guided tours and as she hobbles on a cane because of a bad knee, gives you the full Nelson in tours.

As the tour ended, it was early afternoon, around noon to be exact and we noticed that there is also on this gracious property the River Oak Cottage, where visitors will enjoy an elegant Tea in the English tradition with flavorful Southern inspiration., where TLW (The Little Woman) and I visited and decided to stay and have lunch. The ambiance as well as the food, with the background music in this beautifully appointed sunroom made for a special hour. Old-fashioned teacups and sauces, white linen napkins and class, class, class abounded. The owner came over to visit and ask where we were from and made us feel welcomed.

Soon… Faux Legends that do it right and the Big Shots.


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