Friday, July 31, 2015


As vacationers, TLW (The Little Woman) and I would rather spend our time sightseeing and learning than sunning on the beach, especially since we burn so easily. To add more value the time we also take in a show or two. One of the shows we saw at Myrtle Beach was Legends In Concert.

Have you ever prepared yourself for something you swore you would not like only to find out you love it? Such was the concept of Legends In Concert, a troupe of people that imitate great entertainers and do the same material. This show had such wanna-be Faux luminaries as Prince, Presley and ‘The Blues Brothers” a country singer and Katie Perry, all doing acts from the 1980’s, a time when I was so divorced from the music scene that there was not much I recognized as hits, except for Presley, who along with the Dan Akroyd, John Belushi wanna-be’s.

The crowds got into the singing and performances and the house rocked, singing along and waving back and forth with their arms, the performers got a wild approval from their audience, including myself.

There was kissing the audience of any old lady over 70, including dancing and holding her hand, making about a gaggle of old girls feel young again.

I always wanted to hang out with the big shots, and so off we went to Wilmington, North Carolina and the battle ship USS North Carolina. The big ship saved from the scrap heap and made into a memorial to all the service men who served on her and other military branches during World War II that came from North Carolina.

The ship is massive, the guns can fire a 5-foot projectile that must weight hundreds of pounds 22 miles and that is where the concept of Rock and Roll must come from. Touring the inner workings of the ship on a 93+-degree day with high humidity and NO air-conditioning, the self-tour can be a challenge, descending and climbing 9 decks, going inside turrets adding to the fun. I did get to sit in the Captain’s chair and see what he did on the high seas.

And so it has been a great vacation.

Soon: I get my “Gitar” and other things to eat.


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