Sunday, August 23, 2015


Don’t act surprised, you must have known that.

Unfortunately for me, I know people that like to leave the impression that they are perfect, that if they do things for the church or temple, they are guaranteed the joys of heaven. I mean, how would God not let them in? They go around professing their belief and even going so far as to post it on the Internet, hoping that Jesus has a page on the social media and makes notes of those that post such things. “If you love Jesus, post it in the comments box.” “If Jesus is your savior, hit like”

These ‘Holy Ones’ think they are fooling God.

A good example of this on the TV is the one and only Josh Duggar, who made a lot of money on pretending to be pious, tried fooling God and got caught, you might say with his proverbial pants down. He looked like every mother’s dream of a son or son-in-law. He dressed in very acceptable attire, was neat and clean bodily yet … I guess clean cut gets you points to heaven. He embarrassed his family; they look sheepish now and ashamed!

As it is I have difficulty with religions, they are the root of all wars, the source of constant tension and do a lot of harm. Religion makes people do crazy things, believe falsely and is polarizing. The Crusades, the Inquisition, the Holocaust, 9/11, etc. it all makes no sense.

The Duggars are a family built on the reputation that procreation is everything, and must be practiced because both TV and Jesus want it. It's a religious belief, that makes for a lot of TV and sex, but in the end, a lot of headaches as these 19 kids grow up!

Of course there are those that don’t go to church or temple, don’t practice their faith, except when they have to, you know say at Palm Sunday, or a funeral and then they put on their Sunday Go To Church clothes, a halo appears behind their head, their hands clasp in prayer, and along the way they tell you what you should do to gain the Kingdom of Heaven.

In my lifetime I have witnessed priests behave badly, uncompromising, unfeelingly, yes, even unchristian like. They then climb the pulpit, and tell me how I should behave, and by the way, leave a little bread so he doesn’t have to get a job.

The priests are not alone, the Rabbi and minister do their part too. I’ve seen nuns and priests have affairs, nothing stops them. Not all clergy are like that fully but they are all human.

The ‘Holy Ones’ are particular to hypocrisy. They create trouble, they don’t forgive, and they lack the character to admit to themselves that they have no right to tell anyone how to pray, how to mourn and what to believe in.

No, I’m not perfect, but I do as much as I can to help people, try to do good deeds and respect the poor and sick, the elderly and children of this world. I won’t spend it in a church attending to a ritual that goes on robotically every day and three times on Sunday! To me I just fall into a trance and loose sight of what I am supposed to do, walking out thinking I don’t have to think about God until next Sunday, or if God forbid, something happens.

I swear, curse and let off steam, I’m not nice sometimes and sometimes I can even get mean, but I do know my attending church won’t mend that: it just delays it. So I try to work on good works to balance and if I’m really involved, I won’t have time to be all those things I just said I can be.

I often wonder how ‘Christians’ can believe such things, even about Jesus. Do you mean to tell me that all those that lived their lives unknowing about Jesus all these years are “Unsaved”? I am not singling out Christianity; the Muslims have their beliefs in prophets as well. Who is right? Who died unsaved in this world?

It just doesn’t make sense.


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