Wednesday, August 26, 2015


And so on we go on: with another crazy person killing 2 innocent people with a gun, on TV no less. When do we learn to figure it out and stop the carnage? "Guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people. Unless we are in immediate danger of invasion, and the military is too busy, we do not need to carry guns. The right to bare arms is for the sake of a militia, one that we no longer use. Great job Gun Lobby, you helped the murder.

The shame is that in today’s world, with instant media coverage and instant communication with Facebook, Twitter and You Tube, it is too easy to garner attention for one’s self. You purchase an assault rifle and you are on your way. Who needs an assault rifle in this country? Do we live in the Middle East?

There used to be a sport that although I never participated in, never offended me, and that is hunting. You went out for deer or even bear, deer or rabbit, and spent the time tracking through the woods and lean about nature. You sat in a duck boat, maybe froze your butt off in the late fall, and hunted. You had a hunting rifle and you were licensed and so no one cared. That is quickly becoming intolerable. The legitimate hunter is in danger of losing his sport because we don’t put in enough or the right controls to stem the carnage. I know that we will never fully stop the incidents, but maybe we can bring this nonsense way down.

Then the gun lobby got so strong that people, ordinary people are coming under assault by crazies, citing their rights under the Second Amendment, to own assault rifles, to some sick and ill-informed concept the amendment gives each of us the right to bear arms. It doesn’t, it gives us the right to form a militia and bare arms, as was the original meaning.

But let’s support the right to bare arms, to allow the crazies to get their hands on them, and then to make a name for themselves: maybe at the cost of one of our loved ones or perhaps even ourselves.

But I have a solution:


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