Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Recently, a friend of mine on Facebook lost a bracelet, which was of great sentimental value. She happens to be an fellow Italian and I think a great Facebook friend of mine without ever meeting her. She asked everyone to pray to St. Anthony to help her find her bracelet.

It got me thinking how much saints are rooted within the Italian culture, but also hold the same job for other ethic cultures as well.

Take my wife Ellen, an Irishman who like her Irish mom, believe in the finding power of St. Anthony. If they are Irish one would think they would pray to St. Kevin or Brian or even St. Margaret Mary, but no, St. Anthony will do just as well.

It seems a while ago I witnessed a miracle. It all started when we made plans to fly to Sedona Arizona for a vacation. Along with my wife would be my youngest son. The night before as we put the finishing touches on the suitcases, Ellen made an announcement: “Do we all have a form of identification for boarding the plane?”

#2 Son announced that he had lost his driver’s license! “LOST YOUR LICENSE!!!!” I calmly asked. Yes, somewhere in the house had to be his license and it was late in the evening, the flight being early the next morning from JFK which was over an hour away drive!

Looking at me she says: “Well you can laugh at me Joe, but I’m praying to Saint Anthony!” She then proceeds to drop on her needs over the couch and say a prayer, blesses herself and marches upstairs to #2 Son’s room.

Within moments of going up she came down looking like the feast of San Gennaro or maybe in this case, St. Patrick, holding up the license over her head with two hands. She had found the license through the power of her prayer, and faith.

I don’t laugh at faith, not at all.

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