Friday, November 27, 2015


Thanksgiving would be enough for most American families, but for the Italian/American family, there was a miracle on the day after, ‘leftovers’!
Every Friday after Thanksgiving Day, we would gather one more time to ‘mop-up’, that is to finish off all the food from the holiday. I’m sure you’ve heard that old phrase: “It taste better when its’ left over!” I really think it was first used on the day after Thanksgiving.
The family would gather before leaving town and we would sit and talk, the table clothe stained with wine, scattered nutshells and the residue of the day before. Chatting and making sandwiches with the leftovers, it wasn’t the same meal the next day. For one thing Grandma or Mom would be relaxing after the day before, that sense of formality was gone from the holiday, this was a great day to let the hair down and eat all day, once again, coming in on an empty stomach.
Aside from the turkey sandwiches from the 24 lb. bird, there was the mass of sausage stuffing that not only stuffed the bird, but was made on the side also. But there were other culinary delights: things that were whipped up to take us a step more away from the day before.
For instance: you made a sandwich with the stuffing, soup was now available from the leftover meat, and one of my favorite leftover dishes: mashed potato pie, made from left over mashed potatoes, mozzarella cheese and breadcrumbs all layered in the pie dish, then baked in the oven for crustiness and melt of the cheese, life was good. We talked old times and the football we saw the day before. This usually led to a card game and then the holiday was officially over.
I hope you recall with fondness your days of family and celebration, and I hope you keep it close to your heart and cherish the memories forever, I will and enjoy reliving the great past and wonderful characters who dwell there.


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