Saturday, January 30, 2016


Life can be strange sometimes. We hide from the truth and pretend that all that is bad will go away, that the immediate is temporary and not cause for real alarm. Recently I’ve had a string of bad times that won’t immediately go away! As you may know: my daughter Ellen with DD is currently in the hospital waiting for an operation that will occur on this coming Monday morning to insert a rod in her right lower leg. Meanwhile she sits in her rehab bed waiting for the time to pass.

Yesterday I went to St. Catherine Sienna Hospital and Medical Center to test my carotid arteries, got home and received a call from my cardiologist that there is an abnormality in them both and I have an immediate appointment on Tuesday afternoon! He will tell me he is planning his vacation schedule for early spring and will need the money, so he will operate on them. (He’s taking two weeks so both carotid arteries need surgery. Nice man, happy to help.)

Meanwhile my best friend who I love like a brother called me to tell me his new born granddaughter is having trouble breathing and is hooked up to a respirator. I can’t wait for tomorrow it gets to be more fun with each passing day!

I’ve been eating my way back to my old self, so today at 6:30AM it was off to the gym for a brief workout on the tread mill down by the old Burger King where they have morning specials for breakfast and tempting walk over opportunities to do bad things to my cholesterol, which for some insane reason I don’t want to do. It is a dark period in my life, I love those breakfast sandwiches with the greasy fries that if placed on a napkin will cause you to get a fresh one.

The name of the rehab center is Lakeview Rehab Center, promising a great view of the lake as one gazes out of their rehab room.

Our 'Lake' view. I think they meant 'Lack' view

Coming to the rehab center everyday, I have been bringing my drab lunch, which includes grain bread, mustard and cheese, (I want the cardiologist and the corona to work extra hard) and discovered that there is a deli right across the street!

So, what next? I don’t know and as my wife has been saying lately: “I don’t care!” So there.


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