Saturday, January 02, 2016


This is the time of the year when you start to look forward at what will lie in store for yourself. For me I look at the upcoming Presidential election in November with great dread, knowing full well I will be subjected to the media coverage and the primary campaigning that occurs. I will hear hype, promises, accusations and downright lies, all of which constitute the electoral process moving forward. The trouble is the process is the same as it always was, so I look forward to seeing behind me once again what the future holds!

The nice thing is at some point in the future I will read one of or all of the politician’s lawyers telling us his client will be fully exonerated in a court of law. I love it.

The shame is we have no real presidential candidates. What we have are polarizes, who are uncompromising and unwilling to consider the other sides opinion, need or want. So we have a congress of meatheads who take a party position and don’t let go, giving us stalemated governance with no leadership and certainly no direction! This alone wrecks our economy, shortchanges the poor people and in turn we all suffer from towing the party line. Sad.

I could run for Congress!
ISIS is still out there, and the world now is getting smarter and dealing with this mess also. No longer is the US the policeman it once was, and the American people are all the better for it. France has stepped up in a big way and locally in the Middle East: countries are starting to realize they need to step up also.

At home, I see a trend among my generation questioning the need for religion, and the fact that many are not practicing it. I don’t think those that stay away from religion are staying away from God, just resisting the restrictions put upon them by people who are no more moral than they are. I think God is blind to how and with whom you pray, and more seeing what you do on your own.

Mom would constantly govern that I went to church, that I obeyed all the holy days with my attendance and participation in a religious ritual. I could never get comfortable with the concept and constantly rebelled against it subconsciously, until one day I just stopped the charade.  Religion is a personal relationship between man or woman and God, should not be interfered with, forced on and leave a believer in a state of confusion dogmatic currency.

This year I look forward to seeing my old friends again, looking backwards. I also look forward to not seeing people who were and still are jerks, insincere phonies who are the Pharisees in their own right. Let them have first place in the temples of God, that doesn’t guarantee them Heaven.

So I got out my gripes for the New Year, sorry I had to tell you all this, but this is my blogue, so I will. I will try to get you to laugh soon, I promise.


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