Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Actually, it is not so new as it is old. What am I talking about? The fact that there seems to be a gradual surge of mixing Italian food with American foods, as to become indistinguishable between Italian an American food. This I think is great. But that cultural renaissance does not stop there, no with the trend of Asian fusion, it now ties into Italian/Asian fusion, a wonderful blend of ideas that is making strides.

Italian foods like Asian, is so full of options, and wonderful flavors like no other cultural foods on Earth. That is why they are all so popular in this country, and why you see many Italian restaurants overseas, outside of the Italian border.

Mexican also has a trend heading in this direction of fusion blends, and can easily be adopted with Italian or Asian foods. You must admit, taking the best culinary traditions and marrying them is just what America is all about. I married an Irishman, am happy to this very day, I’m sure many of you have married other ethnicities and thrive in your lives. We as the younger Americanized generation realize they are all good people and that we are now more educated and mixed in with other nationalities, and what a great gift we are giving our children.

The French claim to cooking is that they learned from the Italians, mostly the northern Italians. When the French occupied Italy way back in the 1700 and 1800’s they learned the local ways of cooking, and since there is no ‘real’ Italian cooking per se, it is regional and adapts to what ingredients are on hand. This is Italian style cooking, taking what you have in your pantry and “Throwing something together”.

But being Italian I love to eat, I love the old dishes as well as the new, I want to experience everything, that is the artist, writer and Italian in me.


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