Saturday, March 05, 2016


In all my years on this Earth, one of the things I am most fortunate about is my best friend. We have been friends since 1965, that is 51 years! In all those years we have always kept in touch and looked out for each other. He is crazy, and so am I, when he gets cut, I bleed, when I get cut he laughs at me.  
When we have free time, we plot how to get revenge on each other and so our wives keep us busy. He has played fun tricks on me and I have returned the service in kind.

The old adage that you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your relatives rings quite true these days, and he is like the brother I never had, and if I needed to choose one, he would be it.  

But what is friendship?  It is a relationship with either a man or woman, not sexually but built on mutual concern and love for one another for being who they are. It is always keeping them close in spirit and in the heart, never forgetting that they are your friend too. There are no quantitative or qualitative requirements, just being there for whatever comes down the road, and to be there and help, non-judgmental help when times are tough.

There are people I would go to bat for if they needed me who I call friends. People who I like and admire and meet by the chances that life brings me to. These are people I am proud to call a friend and who will always have me standing behind them. I feel if I can’t do that I fail as an acquaintance and friend. But I got that from my best friend, he has always demonstrated that, and so I consider him a great teacher. He also taught me that life is too short to moan and groan, it is indeed better to go out and bust some chops, mainly mine, which he has perfected to an art form.

I have no greater gift from my past than my wife, children and grandchild, and always in the midst of this is my best friend, Phil.

Today is Phil’s birthday, it is a lucky day for the world and an even luckier day for me. Thanks Phil for always being there and never being judgmental of me, know that I will always be there for you.

I love you pal.


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