Saturday, March 26, 2016


As a young man, one of my dreams was to live in New York City. The idea of a Manhattan address was a dream of mine, as I started work in my field of advertising design, Manhattan was the place to be.

The hustle and bustle of the place, filled with people going every which way, the impatience of the cabs and the buses worming their way through the traffic left me with a certain excitement. Snowy days were not a challenge if you lived in the city you ran down a hole and their waiting for you was a train.

There was the theatre, the ‘Great White Way’, museums and galleries all waiting to educate and enhance one’s life. And the restaurants: every nationality possible from small hidden away intimate places to grand dining rooms for special occasions! I won’t won’t go into all the pretty girls who worked and traveled through the borough (The best in all the world).

I dreamed of working of making my mark in the city that never sleeps, and then move on. Funny thing is I also dreamt of living in sunny Southern California, with palm trees that said: ‘Almost everyday was a perfect weather day, with swaying palms and beautiful flowers all year long.’

I dreamt of meeting interesting people from the limelight, maybe being part of it, and in the end, when I retired just enjoying sunny days.

Well I did live part of my dreams but not all, and in a funny sense I am still happy because what I envision as happy one of my children is living that dream for me, and frankly I am happy for him.

My son Anthony (What else would I name him Dad?) has done it all, lived in Manhattan on Madison Avenue, worked for Time Inc., then moved to Los Angeles, works for the Big Bang Theory as a writer and married: a beautiful women who is smart and talented and did something amazing, gave birth to the most precious and beautiful, smart and athletic little girl who happens to be MY grandchild!

God is good indeed.

So although I didn’t live my dreams totally, I know what they might have been like.


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