Thursday, April 21, 2016


There is a woman that I mentioned before, she lives in the rehab home with my daughter and is without legs. She is a quiet soul who is just a sweet woman and lives within herself. She will probably live a long time in this rehab home, a ward of the State maybe.

This woman has no family, no home and no friends, other than those who are rehabbing and will at some point depart from the rehab home once they are finished rehabbing.

She is free to wander the rehabs two stories or go out into the courtyard to gather some fresh air, yet she cannot go out into the public community to shop, visit or break the monotony of life in a wheelchair, with no legs.

I have invited her to eat lunch with me and my daughter, so she can have a little companionship as she eats alone in another room. It breaks my heart to see her shut off from the world and so I try to read to her every visit so that she has something to look forward to.

Her home was stolen away from her, her family has abandoned her and she is in great mental anguish, to go along with the great pain she suffers from her missing legs.

People come and go every day, I see them but they don’t see this poor woman, as they head toward their rehabbing relative or loved one. It is almost cruel. I started to ask her what her likes and dislikes are, what makes her happy, what will bring the sunshine to brighten her day.

But the biggest crime, the biggest unfairness is this: she is free to wander the builder, but is forever imprisoned in the building, a building without towers or outer walls, without barbed wire or guards! 


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