Sunday, May 08, 2016



“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever!”

Heard from a mother of teenaged children: “I think I'll tell my kids that the Titanic sunk because Jack and Rose had sex before marriage.”

To all the mothers out there today, have the best day ever, if you have children nearby, hug and kiss them, for tomorrow brings a new day and uncertainty. If God forbid you have outlived a child, keep it close to your heart, it was conceived out of love and born to the greatest love: yours.

Although my wife, Ellen, the mother of my children is not Italian, but Irish, I would like to dedicate this post to her. I could write about Mom, but she is gone and her birthday which at times falls on Mother’s Day falls this year on this coming Tuesday, will be honored then.

Motherhood is if nothing a challenge from the conception and discomfort of childbirth to the final days of her life. Most of your time is spent worrying, not about herself, but of her children. The countless times she gave up her own personal joy so that her child could have their joy, is never really known, she just did it, after all, she is a mom.

We as a family have had our days, and Ellen has had to deal with sadness, disappointment, fear and has always shown courage. She has stepped up so many times that it makes me wonder how she is still sane.

Four children will do a lot to a woman, from the birthing to the marriage and beyond. We have lived the life, but she has made it bearable in so many loving ways. She is always a mother, just like the mothers who are reading this. She had a wonderful mother who taught her all there is to know about mothering and love.

Motherhood is depriving oneself,
Motherhood is constant care,
Motherhood is praising
Motherhood supporting,
Motherhood is blind to our ugliness at times
Motherhood is being there no matter how sick she is, how tired and under any conditions,
But above all, Motherhood is love.

Ellen will spend her day visiting her daughter who has developmental disabilities and is rehabbing from a broken leg, way out in Southampton, Long Island. Her two living sons will call her and we will spend a nice quiet meal at a restaurant called Joseph’s in Manorville, and all this time she will be what she always is: a mother first and foremost. Turns out Joseph’s Restaurant is an appropriate place since she lost a child named Joseph when he was only 20 months.

To my beautiful wife Ellen, my beautiful daughter-in-law Courtney, all my friends on Facebook, to my Mom and Mother-in-law Helen who have since passed on, thank you for making this rotten world beautiful, civil and loving, where would any of us be without you and all moms?


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