Sunday, May 15, 2016


As you may know, every Sunday morning TLW (The Little Woman) and I go out for breakfast at this diner nearby. The time is the same and the breakfast usually the same, but not the waitress. No, every Sunday there seems to be another waitress we haven’t seen before, so it is hard to say: “The usual, please.”

Today we had a problem solver.

It started off with the request for coffee and when I made the request her answer was: “NO PROBLEM!” When she returned with the coffee I thanked her and she said: “NO PROBLEM!”

Five minutes later she asked for our food order, which was given in detail in a precise manner, and her response was of course: “NO PROBLEM!”

This got me thinking, am I a problem with this order, is the order too difficult to fulfill and the waitress will defy the odds and fill it anyway, opening the way for a rather large sum of money in the form of a gratuity?

I’ve noticed and you may have too, it is a standard reaction to a food order many times, especially with the younger generation of waiters and waitresses! Go into a TGIF or Chipolte’s or even a small restaurant with young servers, and the standard answer to requests, is: she said: “NO PROBLEM!”

So it has become apparent that the simplest things requested in a restaurant are: “NO PROBLEM!” Thank goodness, however, go into a MacDonald’s for a simple cup of coffee to go and you get this:

Me: Small coffee with cream, no sugar.”
Her: (gal behind the counter) “You want milk or cream?”
Me: Cream
Her: You want sugar on the side or in the cup?”
Me: No sugar
Her: You want the small, medium or large size?”
Me: “Small”
Her: Is that to go or to stay?”
Me: “To go”
Her: “Will you want a bag or a tray?”
Me: “Wait a minute, what did I just order???”

So to you Dear Reader: take solace in the fact that no order you give is too, big or small, or that you have put out the waitress/waiter in any way, just remember there will be questions!

P.S. I’m going to go back to posting every day.


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