Monday, May 09, 2016


Recently, my wife, TLW (The Little Woman) helped a bunch of 2nd graders receive the First Holy Communion during a ceremony to complete the occasion. It occurred in the local church she attends and seemed like her 20 years of memories were about complete in this regard. She was retiring from teaching second graders, and this was her last official act as a teacher. She had met children, parents and even strangers in this devotion, and thought that there was nothing else to see.

But like life itself, there is always room for one more shock, and if it is in a church: more shocking!

It seems that parents have to sign in when they come to the ritual and there are a pen and book for their signature. The pen is left out for people to pick up, sign with and put down for the next person to use. This IS a church after all, and if you can’t be trusting here, where?

So what happens?

Some parent signs in looks at the pen and says: “Its only a pen” and pockets it! Yes, steals a pen from the church! You wonder if the poor box is safe?

Now that child has a role model, this thief! The child can now begin a career as a petty thief, anywhere he wants, no church is off-limits!

NOW my wife can retire, she’s seen EVERYTHING!


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