Monday, May 23, 2016


This is the first election year that I see no clear choice on who to vote for. Wrestling with making a choice should be a good thing, but this year it is not. In baseball, they say you can never have too much pitching, and making a choice is a dream-like event for the manager of the team. But the political system has let us down!

Let's look at some of them.

After the disaster of the GOP primaries, the choice came down to one candidate, a multi-millionaire at the least who represents the system as it exists today. It is a system of big business that is corrupt and doing daily damage to the middle and lower classes. It strives of promises that are deceiving, misrepresenting themselves and after the Enron scandal, ruining the system.

Donald Trump has no experience in running any form of elected office, plain and simple. He says things 10 years ago and flip-flopped for the benefit of being elected. He knows nothing about foreign policy which is crucial to the future of the US, as China and Russia become more assertive. His lack of experience is covered up with vague promises that are covered for his lack of knowledge in that field. He is big business with a lousy haircut. He will get votes because the other front runner is a bigger liar.

Hillary is nothing but a carpet-bagger power hungry anti-man who seeks to get the power for power's sake, an unsettling thing for many voters. She has been involved in one scandal after another since her involvement in Whitewater, way back when. It seems everything she touches has tell-tale smoke coming from it. She can't even follow the rules as an appointed cabinet member of the Obama Administration. She is currently under more than one investigation into what could be a criminal activity with her personal server, Benghazi and whatever else they will find. Somehow I think there are other scandals to be uncovered as the FBI continues its investigation. I'm sorry, as a candidate, she must be avoided. She has made a fortune from the treasuries of big business repeatedly!

The least offensive of the group is Bernie Sanders. He is a socialist, and that is a bad word to Americans. Why, because the advent of communism until the fall of it in the Soviet Union has always conjured impressions of underlining socialism. But socialism doesn't have to be a dirty word, it can be a panacea for the middle and lower classes in America. If applied right, it could be beneficial so that the rich stop getting richer and more privileged at the expense of the poor and middle class.

Bernie needs to explain his plan in economic terms to the public, so in general, it will understand the benefits of it.


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