Sunday, June 12, 2016


In 1991, Dad passed away on June 12th. He was buried on June 14th, and Mom 23 years later died on June 11th! She too was buried on June 14th, and share a grave in Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, in Medford, NY. Today is his anniversary, and so it seems I was just at the cemetery yesterday and here I go again. I go twice to respect them individually and feel it is the right thing to do. Stranger things have happened, I guess.

Dad was a piece of work, in fact, Dad was always working. He was married to the job, some kind of bigamist I guess, between his job and Mom. He was taught to work hard from living through the Great Depression and instilled it in me. I also expect it from my sons who both excel at their jobs, but they do it working hard.

Dad was always with some kind of idea he wanted to patent. There was the time he wanted to patent a series of lights that sat outside on the end of a car. The faster you went, the more lights lit up, a visual for traffic patrols to see immediately how fast a driver was going.

He had a little of Ralph Kramden in him, with ideas to make money and a fuse that could be short at times. He loved to laugh, told jokes and developed his own brand of humor. But he was a loving father, always there for his kids, ask him for help and before you ended your request, he was almost done with what you wanted.

He was somewhat cheap from his Depression era life, always looking to conserve energy by shutting off unnecessary lights. Yet he was very generous with his time, always helping people with no money and a need for help. 

But if he were alive today and saw what his grandchildren have acheived, and seeing his name on the lead of a popular TV show and the smile of his beautiful great granddaughter, his beautiful and smart granddaughter-in-law, his other son on the verge of some great things, he would be swelling with pride! I wish he coud see it. He might be most proud of his younger grandson who works helping less fortunate, giving time, patience and care to those less fortunate, that would make him proud!

And so today I remember him once more, and I do that gratefully, his having taught me what he did, and giving me a heritage I didn’t realize at the time was so rich. His legacy is a simple one: he loved people and they loved him. He died a poor man who was rich in kindness.

Thanks Dad for all you did for me, the hard work, the long hours and the support of my career, which I know was what you always wanted to do in your life.

Your Only Son,


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