Thursday, July 07, 2016


Life is beautiful, we just need to understand that it is cyclic, there are moments that challenge and disappoint us, but that is OK since it is life. It is what we do with the moments that are free for us to express ourselves, and how we perceive life as an entity. Many of us need to laugh, some of us need to cry, what must happen is the laughter should cease for a short while as others cry. There is nothing wrong with this, it is compassion.

Many of us live in fear of what others think about us, we shouldn’t become prisoners of our perceptions or those of others. We should allow ourselves self-criticism without penalization, just strive to be better. There is no need to proclaim oneself as morally on higher grounds, strictly based on self-proclamations that no one wishes to hear, this is self-love.

Some of us need to talk to God, to convey our sense of love, outrage or joy and sadness, this is a very private moment, this is called religion. To spread the word or proclaim God’s word is a very difficult task, it requires knowing God not from reading scripture, or making proclamations on social media, but reaching down to lift a child, feeding a starving being, visiting the sick in their most severe circumstances. If you love God or not, I really don’t care. If you act like a true surrogate of God, I want to care, just show me, don’t tell me.

Someday we will all come under the eye of God’s judgement. I fear if we think we are safe because we make ourselves holier than others, or we are hypocritical in our lives, using God’s name in the process to tell the world we love Him, we then should be surely damned.


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