Friday, July 15, 2016


There seems to be a wide acceptance to rudeness and flaunting of good deportment, the law, and good manners. Now I have good manners, for the most part, they were implanted with a wooden spoon between stirrings of the pasta pot, Mom called it ‘Gentle Persuasion’, and she persuaded well. 

As I drive, it seems it is getting scarier and more dangerous to drive, with people just pushing themselves in front of you at the last minute, as they make a move, then put on a blinker, which not how it works.

Most of these issues have to do with cell phones and their use, or misuse.

The other day I went to the barber shop for my customary reaping of what hair I have left, and got a middle-aged woman as a barber, as she motioned me to her seat with a smile. I used to go to a barbershop that advertised “Topless Barbers” but the hairy chests turned me off!

Anyway, in the midst of the haircut, this lady’s cell phone rings, and she got a text message. She put down her tools of the trade and picked up the cell phone and started texting back! Am I just old fashioned or is this not the right thing to do? I sat there as she texted and fumed, and was ready to explode when she returned to the job at hand. She met my eyes and I gave her the meanest, dirtiest look I could conjure to express my anger.

Someone should put out a book like Emily Posts’ on etiquette. It seems that the cell phone has invaded our good senses and destroyed our manners, and if a cellphone was built with a screen that was hot, we would all be walking around with blisters on our noses!


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