Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Recently we have all heard of the refusal of a certain NFL quarterback from San Francisco to stand during the National Anthem. Although he has legitimate complaints, his anger seems to be misdirected at the wrong source.

Black Lives Matter is a truism, they do matter, they should. But the killing of people, black people in this case particularly, and the unpunished police who do the murdering should be brought to justice, disrespecting the flag is not how it is done, however.

As a nation, we are imperfect, that is what makes us great. Our imperfections are noted, and the process, sometimes long, begins to rectify the wrongs. We protest freely, we advocate openly, seeking change. We are who we are because of our process, which is owned by the people and not the government.

The fact is that America is aware of the problems, we take note and through the court, Congress, and local governments to rectify the ills that we face. Our government allows us to do this, it gives us the tools and support to make the differences needed to effect change. It is the reason men and women died, fighting for our country, under that same star spangled banner.

This quarterback has made untold millions in contracts and endorsements, in the very country he disrespected, he should re-evaluate his stance and maybe if he is not happy here, find another place that is better and will make him a better life, one that is perfect. Good luck looking for it.


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