Tuesday, August 02, 2016


If you recall back in the spring, my war with the bird, how utterly defeated I was until the damned bird moved on. For three months the damned bird kept flying into my window, and no matter what I did, it would come the next day and do it all over again. Sitting on a perch outside my dining room window, it would constantly fly into the same spot, from dawn to dusk, nothing would prevent this occurrence. My wife and I both looked on the Internet for guidance, and I followed suggestions, one of which was to scribble with soap on the window, I was so drastic as to write a note in soap telling it to go away!

If the bird wasn’t picking on me, a rabbit was or maybe it was a bunny, every day taunting me to the point that I was chasing it off my lawn, and every day it came back, stared me down and watched as I tried to sneak up and strangle it. As I got close enough to reach it, it somehow evaded my grasp, mocking my attempts.

Now it is the flies that bother me. Just one fly, one so smart that it is intentionally getting my attention and annoying me. He shows up, starting in the heat wave when the humidity is at its peak, buzzing my head and glancing my arm or hand or face and managing to fly out of reach. When I think I have it cornered, it takes off and I lose it in the backdrop. This fly is no ordinary fly, no sir. After repeated attempts on its life with a bug spray to kill flies, it just flies away through the mist. I even started to plan how far I should be from the fly before spraying! But near or far, the fly just flies through the blast, making me frustrated and angry. To add insult to injury, it once landed on top of the bug spray that was next to my recliner, rendering me helpless and frustrated to do anything about it!

I guess I have to throw out all conventional ways of killing it and try some kind of trap, and once it does leave or die, what’s next?


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