Saturday, September 17, 2016



On occasions, I go to the Dollar Store, where in theory everything costs a dollar. I usually go for things like paper binders that can be used for three-hole punch or pencils and pens. Before I go traveling to California I can buy cheap little surprise gifts from the dollar store that I give on a daily basis to my granddaughter Darby Shea.

Today I went to look for some sponges so I could clean my car. It is better for a man to spend one dollar and clean his car than it is to spend &15 for a car wash. I'm not sure if I really believe this, but what the Hell; that is what I did.

My most expensive pose!

Looking for something in one of these stores is a lonely task. The clientele does not sport pauper's rags. There are a few that look poor, but for the most part, they all look like they eat, sleep and live well.

Did you ever wonder how people become rich? Did you think it was the stock market? Maybe real estate? Perhaps the race track? No, they shop at the dollar store. That's right, and I can prove it. Next time you are in the neighborhood of a dollar store, check out the parking lot. Mercedes, BMW, Lincoln, Cadillac, and Lynx, all represented.

I don't consider myself rich, not in money but in love and things to do. But when I walk about in the dollar store, people think: There goes another millionaire! Mom would have been proud!


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