Sunday, September 04, 2016



Have you ever decided to kill a few moments of time, you would put on the TV and say just have a sandwich and when you are done eating, turn it off? So what happens? You turn on the TV, and there you have it, commercials, stupid, lousy commercials, commercials enough to occupy the time to eat the sandwich! How annoying. Then if you dare to change the channel, you only get more commercials.

The other day I was out in my yard and trimming some hedges, and pulling some weeds. Spending a lot of time out there, I started to get tired and decided I would clean up, so to give my back a break before I broke it. I reach down for a clipping to put in the leaf bag, and I drop it, causing my back to ache, so I reach down again and what do I do? I drop it again, like an outfielder kicking a ball he should have corralled to toss into second base.

Why is it my timing's so bad? Ever drive down a narrow road, where the residents park on both sides of the street when they have empty driveways and sure enough as you pass through parked cars, another car is coming and racing to get by before you do, causing both cars to squeak by?

You sit down for dinner, that prized time you look forward to and take one bite, or even two and the phone rings. You are on the ‘Do not call list', you know: the one every Telemarketer ignores. So you answer the phone and no one answers on the other end.

It's a great TV show, filled with suspense and drama, and real nifty who done it, when a crucial part comes on and the phone rings, and it's someone you know and like, and won't be rude to, so you miss the meat of the show, and with it a small temporary hatred for the party who called.

I bought a new car, and a new laptop, neither one is to my satisfaction. Why? Because the morons who designed them tried to make them do too much! My laptop will not function unless I do the same step three times as if I put pressure on the pallet, it does one thing, try again and it does another, but still not what I want. The company put in programs that make me nuts because they are doing foreign things I don't even want! The car? Well the SOB who designed that was working for the laptop company as a night time job, doing the same damned thing, there are so many buttons that I haven't even a clue anymore what the Hell it all means! It reminds me of the many programs I needed to learn when I was working. You learn just enough to get by, and so much remains a mystery.

My I-phone? Glad you asked. God forbid I should ever get caught in the situation where I’m making a call and another one is coming in, first I will panic, then get brain freeze, and finally figure it out enough to fix things, I accidentally hit the wrong buttons, causing an alarm of sorts in my shorts.



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