Wednesday, September 28, 2016


The past two days have been the longest days of my life. On Monday I started out from Burbank, California to New York, my daughter-in-law Courtney driving me to Bob Hope Airport for my flight to Phoenix and a connection to JFK International Airport. Once landing at JFK, I took the tramway to the LIRR, where I took the train to Ronkonkoma, but first got on the wrong train, but fortunately got off at Hicksville to catch my train, and continue home.

When I arrived at Ronkonkoma, TLW (The Little Woman) picked me up and home I went. Along with my baggage, my beautiful Granddaughter Darby Shea, gave me a parting gift, her cold! I now had to fight tired body and fatigued mind AND a head cold. In front of me stood the next night's meeting of the Board of Director's as I am president of the Board, so I needed to be there, and so I was.

The meeting starts at 6:30 and is the longest meeting of the year because we cover 3 months of business and reports instead of monthly because we take off the summer months of July, August, and September.

The meeting went on for too long, and dead tired I left the building, my cold growing stronger by the minute and got into the parking lot, went up to a Prius and the car came alive as I touched the handle, slid in and suddenly I was disoriented! Did I take my wife's car by mistake? How come my console looked wrong, yet I recognized it? Where was my charge for my I-phone? I LOOK DOWN AT THE SEAT NEXT TO ME AND I SEE A PIECE OF PAPER. It has a charge for parking in Connecticut and now I'm wondering where my wife went with my car while I was in California?

I realize that maybe the car is not mine, maybe I got into the wrong car. I get out and who is standing near me but my buddy from the board, Running Muskrat (AKA Ken Walker). I had gotten into the wrong car! I was in Ken's car! Embarrassingly I tell him how sorry I am and he starts to complain about how expensive it is to park in Connecticut! I was too tired to do any thinking let alone remember where I parked my car!

We both own Prius' and it seems to be the car of choice on the board. As that old joke goes:


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