Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Every Sunday the Little Woman (TLW) and I go to breakfast. It is my weekly celebration of 45 years of happy and fruitful marriage. We sit over our coffee as we wait for the breakfast to come, and discuss the past present and future of our lives. Nice ongoing conversations, sometimes filled with laughter, regrets and plans. This is our time, and so we devote ourselves to ourselves. It makes for a wonderful relationship.

In situations such as dinners and restaurants, there is always exceptions to our norm; the intrusion of others conversing within earshot that is loud and you can’t help but listen to, it kind of takes over your own conversation.

Usually, I get angry when it happens because people should be mindful of others around them, but this morning (Sunday, 9/11) we were in a large restaurant with acoustics that were perfect for a Broadway stage in the balcony, not a booth in this restaurant. The restaurant had very high ceilings with supposedly acoustic tiles, yet the neighboring diners were heard loud and clear. There were three workmen sitting in a booth and discussing Hilary Clinton, a rather difficult thing on an empty stomach, and then Trump (a rather difficult thing on a full stomach)!

During one of the many conversations we overheard!
Behind me sat an older couple who discussed their life and nearby another couple where the woman was complaining to a man. (I would not assume they were married because she sounded like a shrill, why would anyone stay with that?)

As we were finishing our food, I asked her if she had enough political indoctrination for a while and she made a face, then said; “I’m surprised you didn’t get angry! Usually, you are looking over your shoulder growling when that happens, what makes you so understanding all of a sudden?”

I explained to her that there were three men sitting at the same table, eating breakfast and what would I expect them to do, just look at each other? I explained that the acoustics in the place were not conducive to conversation, that I could hear everyone’s conversation alike. This made for a chance to provide insight into my thinking, that I am indeed a reasonable man. “After all, ” says I, “I carefully weigh the facts and put in the figures before getting pissed off! This makes for good formal logical complaining, bitching AND moaning!” I know what you must be thinking: “What a perfect man!” Well, I like to think of myself as a man of the people, a man who keeps my eyes focused and my ears open.

So if you happen to see TLW and me some Sunday morning, keep it down!


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