Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Many years ago when I commuted on the Long Island Railroad, life on board was a social event. People boarded the commuter trains with newspapers, friends and even games. You could actually see the people who sat next to you, and by chance even acknowledge a good morning!

Recently on a trip to California, I decided to take the ‘Train to the Plane’ and board a commuter train during the height of the rush hour. Life has changed in 40 years, there is no life on these trains, and like the plane, I boarded afterward, only the dullness of owning a cell phone that is nothing more than a nose warmer.

As I sat on the train, looking around me, all I saw were people on their cell phones, looking bored and totally alone in this hollow attempt at life.

Where are all the newspapers that were opened and the many different types, the Times and Daily News? What about the conversing that occurred between seatmates and those that sat across from you, where did they go? There were puzzle solvers and card players, even jokesters and book readers, where did they go?

They went to the way of electronic technology and the cruel world culture killing monsters they call I-phones and androids, isolating themselves from humankind once and for all.

Many of the friends I made in life came from fellow commuters. People with different jobs and points of views, cultures and the willingness to communicate with one another. Sadly, as I looked about in that train, all I saw were the zombies and their cell phones tuned out to life and the wonderful experiences I enjoyed so long ago.

On Friday evenings on the way to my weekend, many of my friends pooled money and bought food and booze and partied from Hunter’s Point Avenue in Queens all the way out to Mastic/Shirley, enlivening the trip and helping set the tempo of the next two days. Today I have to wonder where their cellphone will take them to, their emails and Yahoo?


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