Tuesday, September 13, 2016



Everybody has one. 

If there is one product I hope to avoid it is Samsung! The company seems to have a problem with selling goods that work well.

I own a Samsung 52” TV that I purchased about 8 months ago. I can’t get good sound quality from it, it seems that you need in some cases closed-caption in order to hear a show. We put the sound up all the way and still it sucks. If that isn’t bad enough the damned thing can’t seem to regulate the screen proportions very well. I have phone ID that is supposed to tell me who is calling on the screen while watching the thing, instead, I get only the phone number of the caller, not who is calling, that information lies hidden under the viewing area!

Not with the sissy cover
Once I owned a Samsung Galaxie 5 android phone, you know the one that does everything you wish it would, the problem is the battery, once you turn on the fully charged phone, you need to re-charge it to continue. Then you need to keep your eye on it because if you don’t, it's ‘goodbye’ too soon!

Then the final straw was the dishwasher, that thing that washes dishes and supposedly dries them too. Not this baby, after a few months, we started to get ‘error’ lights as the dishwasher stopped running. We would re-start and sometimes have to restart again, until one day it refused to stop! We, of course, pulled the plug.
this one works better than the real one!

So except for the TV, I have replaced the dishwasher with a Whirlpool and the android phone with an I-phone, both make me happy! The TV will have to die first, but that will be the problem, it may not, taking revenge for my writing this, making me answer all the calls that come in from the telemarketers!  

And finally, the news we all heard about this past week, the explosive lithium batteries that can not only blow up but have destroyed a car in the process from charging the thing in the car. Samsung is recalling all the phones as the airlines plead with passengers not to charge their phones on the plane!


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