Monday, September 26, 2016


As I left the UCLA Ronald Reagan Memorial Medical Center, a sadness overtook my disposition. Walking past it, I knew in my heart I would be missing something special.

As I walked with my daughter-in-law Courtney and my grandchild La Principessa, I carried this rather large Teddy Bear, given to my son from the cast of The Big Bang Theory, it was so big, one of the security guards stopped and demanded the bear release me!

The occasion: my son was being released from the hospital and we were bringing the many balloons and gifts he acquired from well-wishers home.

But back to the something special I mentioned, it was good, very good in fact. The manner of professionalism and the pride in the work being done, important work I may add, led to my sadness.

It seemed every day I looked forward to being there, part of the joy and wonder that it was, after all: this was a medical center, this was the #1 medical center in both LA and California, and rated among the 50 states as #5! This HAD to be #1 and it proved it!

Yes, in fact when I celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary, I am packing up TLW (The Little Woman) and flying there from NY to celebrate by dining in it, the finest cafeteria ever designed for a hospital, the place where hunger goes to die.

And so I say goodbye to Hollywood, La La Land, the freeways that go nowhere even though the drivers have given up as they wait for 30 minutes to exit onto the 405 South.


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