Sunday, September 25, 2016


When you have near tragedy in your life, whether it be you or a loved one or friend, the aftermath of it all is the realization that doctors and nurses and technicians are really a God-send. It is they that right the course of your troubled ship so you can continue your journey across the calm and stormy seas of life.

We look at the incidents that confine us to fear and apprehension, anxiety, and despair but soon realize that no matter how bad it is when a nurse or doctor appears in our midst, the horizon starts to appear slightly, we know we have hope at that point.

I am a champion of nurses and doctors and all the auxiliary groups that comprise the medical profession. Theirs is a difficult and complex road of evaluation and medical know how that must fit into each individual's malady and the doctors must be right in their diagnoses and treatment. God forbid a doctor decides wrongly after all his dedication to healing from years of practice and compassion, instead, he gets sued. Nurses with all their training, take on abuse from family and patients if they do not answer immediately someone's call for the most trivial thing. But they all keep on trucking, doing what they do best, care and curing for people, they are God's healing hands and comforting voice.

Witnessing my son's visit for a heart by-pass operation, and all the care the nurses provided, the confidence the doctors instilled in him and his family, makes me realize how lucky we really are, that we need to take the power of lawsuits and tailor it better to make for a saner world of medical insurance to guarantee the doctors ability to continue his practice, taking him from under the cloud of litigation.

My son was attended to at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles, the best heart facility in California and rated #5 in the nation, to me it is the best, period.


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