Thursday, September 15, 2016


Every morning when I am returning home from my gym, there is a section of the road that narrows down from 3 lanes to 2 lanes. The right-hand third lane appears from a turning lane from the cross street, allowing people from the turning lane on the cross street to merge into the road that I'm on. Anyone who is behind you such as young drivers and people who own the road, (those in Mercedes), to pop over to their right and gun it, racing past you to get ahead before the lane closes and merges into two again. This, of course, shocks you, causing you to slam on your brakes while the morons fly by.

Well, this morning was no different, this time, a young woman in a black Mercedes, came up behind me from a great distance, making up the distance in record time and now was on my tail, shifting in the lane from right to left, making me a little nervous. I mean, here was this gray-haired old geezer in front of her (how dare he) and her with deed and title to the road! I look ahead and I know she is about to zip over to her right and zoom past me.

Where the truck is pulling out
Sure enough, Ms. Nascar makes her move, and as she does, I step on it, zooming ahead at a speed equal to hers, leaving her in shock and anger, as she not only had to stay behind me but also needed to wait for me as I slowly slowed to make my right hand turn onto my street. I rolled down my window and yelled out: "Listen to a Perry Como song, it will settle you down!"

She may have been dealing with an old geezer, but one that is still alive and up to the challenges. I feel bad for her, since she only had full use of one finger, as that one was in use as I waved at her.


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