Thursday, September 29, 2016


As a red-blooded American boy, I’m sick of politics and the stupid choices we are having to choose from for President of the United States. With the lives of millions of Americans at stake, these are our choices: one is a liar with a poor memory when it comes to herself, and one is an egomaniacal maniac who has no boundaries, no real vision or any sense of the world of leadership.

I can’t believe that we have allowed ourselves to take it to this extreme. We should take the power of the Democratic and Republican parties and defuse their influence and start over. My proposal? Give Obama another year until we find suitable candidates to run for this important office. Maybe call on the speaker of the House to run things until a decent set of candidate sis set forth to run for the presidency.

I for one will not vote, it will demean my self-respect for a vote for either one. Neither one is really capable of leading us. One is followed and supported because she is a woman, not because she has sound ideas. One is supported because he demeans women and promises things without considering the consequences of those actions he proposes and with no idea of how to do them.

I’ve been around for a long time, I remember Ike running against Stevenson and Kennedy against Nixon, if one won or lost, it didn’t matter, the country would be run by good minds and be guided by noble ideas, we don’t have that today. My fervent hope is that Congress this time around will have the fortitude to stand up for good sense and protect the people.

My God! Look who I’m asking to have good sense and fortitude!


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